How to switch Arrows in Elden Ring?

How to switch Arrows in Elden Ring? Many choose close-quarters battle with the enemy in melee, but many prefer to use ranged attacks. If this is your play style, you may be curious about how to swap between arrows and bolts in Elden Ring, especially if you have one of the ranged classes.

Knowing this is crucial since different arrow types deal different amounts of damage and have other effects on foes. And in a game like this, the difference between life and death is often as simple as switching from a weaker to a more vital arrow. Learn all about it in this article.

How to switch Arrows in Elden Ring?

How to switch arrows in Elden Ring

Put the various arrow kinds into their respective places here.

Arrow Type 1 (R1), Arrow Type 2 (R2) for PS Players (R2)

Arrow Type 1 (RB) and Arrow Type 2 (ARROW) for Xbox (RT)

Type 1 Arrow (LMB) and Type 2 Arrow (LMB + Shift) for PC players.

When playing Elden Ring, you can’t directly switch directions as you can in other games. However, by assigning them to buttons, you may use two different kinds of arrows whenever you need them.

A player carries up to two different kinds of arrows at once. Some of them can be regular arrows, while others are fire arrows. While holding the bow (L2/LT), press and hold LB to aim, and then use the right stick to fine-tune your shot.

To use Arrow Type 1, press R1/RB; to use Arrow Type 2, press R2/RT. Before equipping anything, you should select the appropriate slot in the Equipment menu. They’ll reside in your character’s respective Light Attack and Heavy Attack slots. As you progress through the game and gain access to new and improved arrows, equip them in the appropriate slot and press the corresponding button to use them.

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How to switch Arrows in the Elden Ring on PlayStation, Xbox and PC?

How to switch arrows in the Elden Ring on ps4, ps5 and keyboard

There are no mechanical means of switching between arrow types in Elden Ring; instead, you must use a combination of light and heavy attacks. If you have two arrow slots, your light attacks will use the first one, and your severe attacks will use the second one. If you’re facing up against an adversary, you can switch arrows with a button or press a particular keystroke. Here’s how to switch up your arrow loadout based on where you’re playing!

Players on Xbox

  • Position One on the Arrow: RB
  • Slot 2 RT Arrow
  • Target in Particular: LB

Those who own a PlayStation

  • Target Area 1 (R1) for Arrows
  • Slot 2: Right-Handed Arrows
  • Precision: Level 1

For Personal Computers

  • Key 1: Left Mouse Button (LMB)
  • Second Arrow Slot: Shift+Left-Click the Mouse (LMB)
  • Target Specifically: Use the Right Mouse Button (RMB)
  • When utilizing bows in Elden Ring, you can select between the following buttons and keys to release one of two types of arrows.

Can Arrows controls be changed in any way in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring allows you to customize your keybindings to your liking. Keep in mind that the game does not support overlapping keybindings, so if you use a controller, you may need to switch controls instead.


Elden Ring players can choose from many arrow and bolt types as they traverse the Lands Between. Given the variety of environments and foes, it’s essential to quickly swap between your arrows and bolts to make your way through the game. We have discussed how to switch between arrows and bolts in Elden Ring to help you out.

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