How to Swim in Minecraft?

How to Swim in Minecraft? Swimming is one of the activities that you can do in Minecraft. You can get a better view underwater and experience the adventure. You will come across so many wonderful underwater things, you will be able to swim with schools of fish, you can play with dolphins, and a little less fun part you might even come across sharks. Apart from that, in Minecraft swimming is a form of transportation as well that lets you move in the water. 

So are you ready to dive into the underwater world and grab some treasure and find ancient structures? Also, don’t forget to set up an underwater base. Before learning how to swim in Minecraft you need to make sure you learn the exact controls so that you don’t have the consistent fear of drowning in the game. 

How to Swim in Minecraft?

How to Swim in Minecraft

You can swim in the game by pressing the forward button, but you have to make sure you are in the water to do so. You should jump and completely submerge yourself in water and then jump out. It’s an old trick but works every time. You need to practice the controls to transform your swimming skills in Minecraft. 

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How do you Swim underwater in Minecraft Survival?

You need to accept that the main goal of the game is to survive in all situations. You have to be well aware of the techniques to survive the circumstance and avoid drowning.  

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How do you Swim on the switch in Minecraft?

How do you Swim on the switch in Minecraft

You can press the sprint button (left sticks by default) on Nintendo switch’s Minecraft. You can activate sprint swimming by pressing sprint from one block gap while moving in water or pressing forward twice.

You can move 2.20 blocks per sec while swimming on the surface and when you are partially submerged you can move 1.97 blocks per sec. While you are swimming downstream underwater you can move 1.81 blocks per sec and upstream by 0.39 blocks per sec, you move slower while swimming upstream underwater. 


Minecraft is just more than a game; it allows you to explore everything and makes your own personal world where there are no limits to adventure. You can dive into the water and experience the underwater world and explore each part to see the endless possibilities. 

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