How Do You Summon Heroes in DeFi Kingdoms?

If you are searching for DeFi Kingdom heroes and how to summon them, you are in the right place. The complete guide to DeFi Kingdom Heroes is here.

For those who are not aware, DeFi Kingdoms is the latest trending play-to-earn crypto game. To succeed in this blockchain-based cult-hit game, DeFi Heroes are super important. When you buy one, you need to consider various things and also know how to summon and level them up. This post covers all about it. Let us get started!

What is DeFi Kingdoms (DFK)?

DeFi Kingdoms

Before we tell you how to summon heroes in DeFi Kingdoms, here is a brief introduction to DeFi Kingdoms:

DFK is a financially incentivized play-to-earn crypto game in which users have to collect NFT characters. Using these, they can interact with the total-value-locked DeFi protocol in the game. This value is $600 M. Also, the NFT characters that you have to collect in the game are called Heroes. With the help of these, you get to earn the in-game token called JEWEL, and other rewards.

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DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) Hero – What Is It?

DeFi Kingdoms hero

As stated earlier, to play the DFK game, you will need a certain NFT character. This character is none other than the DeFi Kingdoms Hero. So, if you are looking for how to level up in the game, the first step is to get yourself a Hero. With it, you will be able to send them to various quests, collect JEWEL, and move ahead in the game easily.

Typically, the game allows its users to send their heroes on professional quests, and all of these are a chance to find in-game items and earn JEWEL. Now, if you are wondering where to get this Hero, you will have to buy it. However, while doing so, there are certain things you need to know and be careful of. And why not? Your hero is the only thing that can help you level up in the DFK game.

Coming to the things you need to be mindful of when purchasing a hero, some of them include the hero’s professional skill, rarity, generation, class, summon, etc. All of these play a major role in how your hero will be performing on the quests, and are discussed later in the post. Also, the power of your hero depends on other things after purchase.

For instance, the more quests you send your hero to, the better it will perform each time due to improvement in skill level. This way, you will have a better chance of finding JEWEL and other in-game items. Another crucial thing is XP points. These will be given to your hero for every quest. After a certain level, you can use these to level up your hero at the Meditation Circle.

What are the Important Hero Characteristics in DeFi Kingdoms?

Now that you know what DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) Hero is, let us move on to its characteristics. They are given below:


The first Hero characteristic that we will discuss is gender. You can find this at the top-center of your hero card along with type and location. Honestly, there is nothing to worry about unless you want your hero to have a specific gender.

Type / Element

After the gender of the hero on the card, at the same place, you can find its type. As the game grows, this may be involved in competitive PVP (Player versus Player) play. Here are all the hero types found as of now:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Dark
  • Wind
  • Earth

Location or Background

Next to gender and element on the hero card, you can also find its location. As the game grows, this may integrate with the land NFTs. Here are all the hero locations/backgrounds found as of now:

  • City
  • Swamp
  • Desert
  • Plains


After the gender, type, and location, another Hero characteristic that is important in the DeFi kingdoms is class. Each of the heroes in the game has a particular class and subclass related to them. These can determine the following things:

  • Base stats
  • Stat increases when leveling up
  • Summoning of heroes
  • Health or Mana distribution

All in all, the class of a hero can say a lot of things about it. From it, you can know what the hero’s base stats will be and how any of them will increase as you level up the hero. You can also find out the health distribution of the hero along with the class of a summoned hero. The latter is possible as the class is indirectly inherited from the parent heroes that can determine the class of the heroes summoned.

How Do You Summon Heroes in DeFi Kingdoms: Introducing Different Generations

Summoning Your Heroes

After all the important characteristics when it comes to DeFi kingdoms (DFK) heroes, the next is introducing you to different generations and classes of heroes. Typically, when it comes to DeFi Kingdoms Hero classes, there are:

  • 8 basic classes of heroes,
  • 4 advanced classes of heroes,
  • 2 elite classes of heroes, and
  • 1 exalted class of heroes.

How to Summon Heroes?

Every generation of 0 heroes you come across belongs to either of the 8 basic classes of heroes. These basic classes are then used to summon advanced, elite, and exalted classes. When you summon a hero with these, the higher class that you will get will depend on the probability of getting one. As per the rule, for every increase in a level, players need two parent-heroes that should be a level below it.

So, it means that you can use 2 basic class parents to summon one of the advanced class heroes. Further, 2 advanced parents may be able to create an elite class hero, and the 2 elite parents can help you summon the exalted class hero. Let us tell you more about it. For it, here are the names of all 8 basic classes of heroes:

Basic Classes

  • Warrior
  • Knight
  • Archer
  • Thief
  • Pirate
  • Monk
  • Wizard
  • Priest

Now, these basic classes in pairs can summon advanced classes that have a base stat of +5. Although there is no guarantee of a particular basic class giving a particular advanced class, the probability of these is more:

  • Warrior + Knight = Paladin
  • Archer + Thief = Dark Knight
  • Pirate + Monk = Ninja
  • Wizard + Thief = Summoner

Advanced Classes (Base Stats +5)

The data in the above section states that the basic classes can give rise to any of the four based on probability:

  • Paladin
  • Dark Knight 
  • Ninja
  • Summoner

Now, two of these advanced classes as parents can summon elite classes – Dragoon or sage. Usually, the following parents can summon them:

  • Paladin + Dark Knight = Dragoon
  • Ninja + Summoner = Sage

Elite Classes (Base Stats +10)

It means that the two Elite classes we have with base stats +10 are the following:

  • Dragoon
  • Sage

These two together will summon an exalted class that has base stats of more than 15. So,

  • Dragoon + Sage = Dread Knight.

Exalted Class (Base Stats +15)

As of now, the only hero in the exalted class is Dread Knight.

Now, let us see how these classes and subclasses can help you know how your hero will level up, grow with time, and perform in all quests. Have a look:


Your hero card will have an experience bar, and as this fills up with experiencing different quests, it will be able to level up. It means that there will be an increase in base stats.

Level and Generation

The generation of a DFK hero is always determined when it is summoned. It is always one generation higher than the generation of the parents that are used to summoning it. Let us say that you are summoning a hero with the help of one parent from Generation one and another from Generation two. In this case, the summoned hero will have one generation higher than the highest parent generation.

So, the new hero will be Generation three. That being said, you have to pay for every hero you summon. Also, the higher the generation of parents used for the summoning, the highest the fee needed for it. That is one of the reasons why players prefer lower-generation heroes over the higher ones.


The hero card also has a summon bar. This can determine the number of times this hero can help summon a new hero. Typically, the lower generation heroes have more summons as compared to the higher ones. For instance, heroes that belong to Generation Zero, have unlimited summons associated with them. It makes these heroes super desirable.

Apart from Generation zero, every other generation of heroes have a limited summons. As per the rule of the game, your hero will have one summon less than the parents. All of these are with the lowest summons remaining. Also, you must know that any summons related to heroes cannot be regenerated. It means that if your hero runs out of summons, they cannot get more of them. 


When it comes to a basic hero, its health (HP) or mana can be a total of one hundred and seventy-five. Also, the health (HP) or mana for the other classes of heroes (advanced, elite, and exalted) is more than the basic ones.

Hero Stats

The next category we will discuss is hero stats. When any of the heroes is first summoned, its strength can be determined based on these eight hero stats:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Agility
  • Wisdom
  • Vitality
  • Luck

Whenever your hero levels up, you will have to look out for these 8 stats. Typically, these will increase with the level up. 

Boosted Hero stats

When it comes to the boosted stat, they can amplify a hero’s chance of leveling up. These kinds of stats are depicted in 3 colors – green, blue, and purple. Here is what they mean:

  • The green color refers to – one time +2 to base stat.
  • The blue color refers to – an added percentage chance of the stat increasing when the hero levels up.
  • The purple color refers to – one time +2 to the base stats. It also includes an increased chance of stat growth when the hero levels up.


The next and last category we will discuss today is the DFK Heroes Profession. When you summon your hero, you can get these four professions:

  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Gardening
  • Foraging

You can learn about your hero’s profession on the back of your hero card. It will be shown in green color. Here is how these will affect your hero:

  • Mining – This profession will reward your hero with more strength and endurance depending on the class.
  • Fishing– The fishing profession on the hero card will reward your hero with more agility and luck depending on the class.
  • Gardening– This profession will reward your hero with more wisdom and vitality depending on the class.
  • Foraging– This foraging profession on the hero card will reward your hero with more dexterity and intelligence depending on the class.

A Quick Guide on How to Buy a DeFi Kingdom Hero


Now that you know all about summoning heroes and what to keep in mind while doing so, here is how to buy one:

  • Firstly, visit the tavern and select Buy Hero. You can talk of an agent, as well.
  • Then, filter your heroes by class.
  • After this, you have to choose a profession and stat bonuses.
  • Then, you can compare the stats of the heroes by flipping them.
  • Also, it is a good idea to compare the number of summons the heroes have.
  • Once you have filtered through all your heroes, you can buy your desired hero.


So, this was all in our complete guide to DeFi Kingdom Heroes. We hope, with this, you would have understood the concept of how to summon heroes in the DeFi Kingdom. After all, the heroes in the game are very important for quests, collecting JEWEL, and almost every other thing. Good luck choosing your desired hero, leveling it up, and summoning the best one!