How to Sneak Attack in Elden Ring?

How to Sneak Attack Elden Ring? In the Elden Ring, players experiment with different tactics to defeat large and small foes. Players must adopt tactics like running away from the adversary and being stealthy unless their character is powerful. Here are some tips on how to get the upper hand in the Elden Ring by using speed, stealth, and concealment.

How to Sneak Attack in Elden Ring?

How to Sneak Attack Elden Ring

Crouching/stealth in the Elden Ring is accomplished by pressing the left analog stick (L3). This will be useful if you’re hoping to sneak through or eliminate specific foes along the road without drawing attention to yourself. Take advantage of this on your journey back to your death spot so you can pick up your dropped Runes.

Remember that Ruin Fragments can be used as both crafting materials and projectiles. Traveling to places like Limgrave, Stormhill, and Liurnia of the Lakes gives you a good chance of encountering them. These fragments can be used to create Rainbow Stone, Scriptstone, Glowstone, and Rainbow Stone Arrow and distract or draw foes when sneaking.

How to improve your speed for sprinting in Elden Ring?

Pressing and holding the B button (Xbox players) or Circle button (PlayStation players) will cause you to sprint in Elden Ring (PS players). If you need to get somewhere quickly or are trying to avoid an attack from the boss or another enemy, this can help.

This won’t turn you into a sprinter but will get you places more quickly than strolling. Remember that while exploring the terrain, you can sprint indefinitely, but once you meet face-to-face with an enemy and get into a fight, your stamina meter will come into play.

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How to Sneak Attack Elden Ring on PC, PS4,PS5 and Xbox?

How to Sneak Attack Elden Ring pc, ps4,ps5,xbox

A stealth strike has the benefit of lowering the probability that your health will be compromised. You can use it to sneak up on foes and eliminate them without drawing attention. If you want to sneak up on your target at Elden Ring, you should do a quiet recon of the area and mentally note how far away they can see.

  • On a PlayStation or Xbox controller, press L3 to activate the left analog stick. This triggers the crouching/stealth stance.
  • Reach their blind spot and duck behind the nearest cover, whether it’s a bush, a rock, or a tree.
  • Try to ambush your opponent from behind and kill them. The most effective method of attack is a swift backstab.

How to Hide in Elden Ring?

The second part of a sneak assault is to get out of sight of your opponent by hiding. If you want to get out of sight, crouch down by pressing the L3 button and then sneak up behind a nearby rock, wall, or another cover.

This strategy is beneficial if you’ve taken significant damage and need to rest to regain some of your health. The extra time you buy by concealing before confronting your foes is well worth it. Eventually, if you take stock of the situation and realize you’re over your head, you can call upon your stalwart steed to carry you safely.


This was all about how to Sneak Attack Elden Ring. It’s often easiest to score a knockout blow with a stealthy assault. During a few brief seconds after a successful effort, your opponents will be completely defenseless. It is the time to unleash the full force of your weapons and deal as much damage as possible before they regain their composure. This guide teaches you how to sneak up on Elden Ring players on PS4, Xbox One, or PC to defeat them.

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What’s the best way to backstab someone in the Elden Ring?

Backstabbing in “Elden Ring” is accomplished in the same way as in other “Soulsborne” games: by pressing the light attack button while hiding behind an opponent (right shoulder button on controllers, left mouse click on Computer).

Can you sneak kill with the Elden Ring?

For successful stealth killing, it is essential that you remain unseen by your targets. You can try hiding by crouching, but you’ll need a lot of clothing to blend in. To avoid being spotted by your foes, you should seek cover in the dense grass. If you want to murder an opponent stealthily, you should sneak up on them from behind.