How to set up an Oculus Account? A Step by Step Guide

Virtual reality has taken the gaming industry by storm, but many people are still confused about how to set up an Oculus account. Find out what you need in order to set up your Oculus account in this article!

You can create your Meta account using your email address, Facebook account, and even your social media account if you’re new to Meta VR devices. 

You will receive a code when you put on your Oculus Quest 2 headset for the first time, allowing you to pair it with the Oculus mobile app. You can then register using Facebook, Instagram, or even your email address in order to complete the registration process.

The registration process can be a little daunting and confusing. So, read on to know more about how to go about completing the registration process and how to set up an Oculus account.

How to set up an Oculus Account?

How To Set Up An Oculus Account

If you’re looking to set up a Meta account for the Oculus Quest then go ahead and select your preferred method for creating an Oculus account using either your email address, Instagram account, or Facebook account. 

If you’ve previously used this Oculus headset with your Facebook account, you’ll also be able to do so again by separating it from your primary Facebook account.

Here’s how to set up an Oculus account with an email address:

  1. Go to Meta’s Website and choose “Set up an account with email”.
  2. Now enter your Email address.
  3. you’ll be asked to enter your birthday and your name. Once you enter the email address.
  4. Create a password.
  5. Now click on create an account.
  6. Press “Continue” after entering the verification code.
  7. And your account is now ready. You can log into your Oculus account and the Meta Quest app with it.

Want a detailed video on how to set up an Oculus account? Check out this video.


How do I add a new Oculus account if I already have one?

Start with normally booting up the headset. Once you are in the VR, go to the settings and choose an account. There, select “Add Account”.

If you are creating a new account and there is another person in the room, you’ll be asked to hand over the headset to them.

If you are setting up your Oculus headset for the first time, you will need the mobile app in order to do so. However, not every account needs a mobile app. So you can just use a different email for each account and won’t have to download the mobile app. As long as the emails are different, you can even use the same name and birthdate.

Setting up a second account on your Oculus Quest 2 follows exactly the same process as setting up a first account. You’ll have to create an avatar and get everything configured so you can jump right into your new experience.


How many accounts can an Oculus account have?

Quest 2 comes with the convenience of being able to open up to four different accounts. The account holder will then need to create a unique unlock pattern for each profile. By entering that pattern when powering up the headset, any user can go directly to their profile.

Can 2 people use one Oculus account?

With the new Multi-User and App Sharing feature, you can easily log multiple accounts into one headset, which will allow you to share immersive Oculus Store apps you’ve purchased with those additional accounts.