How to Sell Enjin Coin?

Crypto investors now have a rising number of options, including Enjin Coin (ENJ), which debuted in the summer of 2018. Here’s everything interested investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts need to know about How to Sell Enjin Coin.

Unlike most other crypto investing options available, Enjin Coin (also known as ENJ crypto) was created for a specific purpose: to assist the gaming community and to handle digital or virtual assets.

What Is Enjin?

What is Enjin

Enjin is a cryptocurrency created by the company Enjin in 2017. 1 Enjin Coin is an ERC-20 token, which means it can be sent and received with an Ethereum wallet. However, the underlying technology Enjin does more than deal with a single currency.

Enjin is intended to be used in games. However, you can also use Enjin Coin as a currency and the Enjin wallet to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. For example, MMORPG players may purchase an item in Enjin that is usable across numerous games and quickly tradeable or available for purchase in an online marketplace.

Enjin’s parent company is based in Singapore, and it works with businesses to help them enforce their remedies on the Enjin platform.

Enjin’s Unique Characteristics

Many virtual currencies are simply currencies, like a dollar or a gold brick, used to transact or hold value. Enjin Coin is also tradable, but it has a more focused use case on its platform for games, NFTs, and other assets and applications.

Items available for purchase on the Enjin marketplace can be used in games such as Lost Relics and Spirit Clash. To trans conformation to other players, you’ll need ENJ. This makes it more viable than some competing currencies, such as Dogecoin, which lack a built-in use case.

How to Sell Enjin Coin?

You could cash out your ENJ at the same exchange where you bought it:

  1. Sign in to the exchange where you have ENJ – Contrast crypto exchanges to sell your Enjin Coin if you keep it in a virtual wallet.
  2. Put in a sell order – Select the quantity of ENJ you want to sell.
  3. Finish your transaction – Verify the sales price and fees, and then complete your Enjin Coin sale.

What Is the Process of Enjin?

Enjin Coin is an ERC20 token constructed on the Ethereum platform, which means the project supports transactions and smart contracts. Enjin is one of the first projects to begin testing the Raiden System, Ethereum’s version of the Lightning Network, before working on a specially made scaling solution known as Efinity.

The Enjin platform offers many features (SDKs) through its public API and software developer kits. These characteristics are as follows:

  • Virtual goods conception and management: The power to make and manage virtual items is the key characteristic that the Enjin project provides its users. Developers can initiate their virtual currencies supported by the Enjin Coin, making incorporating cryptocurrencies into the world of gaming and gamification much easier.

Generally, the developers who use the Enjin platform to mint should also use Enjin Coin. This is because the necessary number of ENJ tokens are removed from their wallets and locked inside the assets they create, effectively eliminating the tokens from the market and creating scarcity while providing an apparent use specific instance for the token.

  • Enjin usually provides software development kits for Unity, Java, Godot, and other platforms. This enables millions of developers to integrate existing projects or create entirely new ones easily.
  • Marketplace: an online marketplace including over 10 million digital materials where users can find, buy, and sell unique and unusual blockchain assets.
  • Enjin Beam is a digital asset distribution system that allows programmers to send thousands of NFTs/FTs to users via QR code scan.
  • Smart wallet: A cryptocurrency asset wallet that integrates seamlessly with apps and games. It’s one of the most featured-rich digital wallets globally, including over 1 million uploads.
  • Efinity: A genuine Ethereum scalability product that will allow for fast and free money transfers of ERC-20 and ERC-1155 tokens.

Enjin: The Powerhouse Behind

Enjin was founded by Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomsk in 2009 It was created primarily to serve the games industry. The year was when the real world gained significant traction in video gameplay, and online mediums were becoming a fad.

Initially, to lay a solid foundation and raise funds, the company has launched an initial coin offering (ICO), raising approximately $18.9 million by selling ENJ tokens to fund the development of its new blockchain, and Enjin went live in 2018. Enjin coin price prediction is covered in depth here.

From non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to digital vouchers trying to spread their wings to goods, the Enjin environment is dedicated to serving a large community that can take advantage of multichain benefits across various video games. Enjin Coin ensured it created a digital realm around itself and made its presence felt across all platforms from PC to mobile by leveraging its strengths from quality product offerings.

It is an existing community of users, strategic partnerships with leading brands, and inherent exposure to the rapidly growing NFT market.

Enjin: Getting a Glimpse of Things

Enjin price prediction has been working entirely to the benefit of users since its inception, assimilating all advantages of Enjin Coin, the native tokens in a wallet. Naturally, this facilitated crypto even more.

Enjin Coin, which is built on Ethereum and capitalizes on the benefits of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, ensures complete disclosure and transaction confidentiality in the network. Enjin’s entire approach is founded on zero-disclosure evidence, allowing mathematical continuity of the whole transaction procedure and ensuring that gamers’ interests are always protected.

A smooth and painless transaction for gamers puts the power in the user’s hands. Because it is built on a public blockchain, Enjin Coin (ENJ) can detect fraudulent or spurious transactions without causing bottlenecks or hindrances in the game players’ software. Its groundwork is based on the overall mathematical continuity of the blockchain.

Price Predictions for Enjin Coin: 2022-2026

Enjin Coin’s trading price is approximately $2.89, with a market capitalization of $2,351,028,684.77, a circulatory supply of 846,734,705 ENJ, and a 24-hour trading volume of $261,110,304.03 in the cryptocurrency world.

From the start of the year until April, the price of Enjin coin (ENJ) experienced a tremendous rally, but almost all cryptocurrencies experienced a market crash after that. However, the ENJ cryptocurrency has regained its lost momentum and is now trading around the $2.89 mark. According to the current ATH (All-Time High) and Enjin coin price prognostication 2022, its future values may remain above its critical resistance line of $4.

2022 Enjin Coin Price Prediction

Following the trending pattern of Enj USD, mainly how it is trading, it is clear that the price of Enjin Coin (ENJ) will continue to run concurrently on the same bullish trend, reaching its primary resistance level of $4.5. This price is close to the current all-time peak. In keeping with the same upswing market, some predict that Enjin Coin will increase even in the following year, 2023.

Is it wise to invest in Enjin Coin?

True, true. Enjin Coin is a significant investment, but you must do your homework. Investors are advised to research the recent updates, providing ENJ coin price levels forecasts.

Only after they have grasped the ENJ ecosystem will they purchase Enjin coin crypto as a virtual currency or service of the crypto world.


Enjin Coin brings blockchain benefits to the $17 billion virtual goods market. The venture has a solid foundation of support, created and backed by gaming behemoth Enjin. The team is helping to stop fraud in the video games industry and give virtual goods holders actual ownership.

Enjin, on the other hand, still has a lot to prove. It’s impossible to predict how successful Enjin Coin will be, but if its current accomplishments and team are any indications, it could have a bright future ahead of it.

Enjin Coin FAQs

Is it possible to mine Enjin tokens?

Enjin tokens can be mined, yes. The mining setup is similar to that of Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin mineable with an ASIC unit or a GPU (though this way is less profitable). In addition, Enjin employs a Proof of Work algorithm for consensus.

 Is it possible to stake Enjin tokens?

Enjin uses a PoW consensus protocol, implying that the ENJ network depends on miners instead of stackers.

 How to Purchase Enjin Coin?

Purchasing ENJ is as simple as going to the Kriptomat buy Enjin site and selecting a payment method. Enjin can be purchased through Kriptomat using MasterCard or Visa, SEPA transmits, Skrill, Neteller, or Sofort.

 Where Can I Sell My Enjin Coin?

If you already have Enjin in your Kriptomat swap wallet, you can sell it by trying to navigate the interaction and selecting your preferred payment method.