How to See Underwater in Minecraft?

How to see underwater in Minecraft? Diving into the underworld can be very beneficial for players as one can find resources such as coral, lanterns, and prismarine which can be used to create new items. Also, one can interact with unique creatures like guardians and various types of fish and the list is endless. But in order to view all these things players need the ability to see underwater, so here’s a quick go-through on how to see underwater in Minecraft.

How to See Underwater in Minecraft?

See Underwater in Minecraft

There are various ways that allow players to see the underworld in Minecraft, however, generally, players opt for those methods in which they can use the items that they already have or the ones which can be easily found. 

Method 1: Players can use potion of night vision to see underwater in Minecraft. How to get it? Players can brew the night vision potion by using a water bottle, golden carrot, and nether wart. Also, one needs to have a brewing stand to create the potion.

Method 2: Another way is to use Jack O lanterns. Players have to craft this item, they can combine craved pumpkin with a torch in the crafting menu and you will get the Jack O lantern. This item act as a source of light but is much stronger than torches, it has a light level of 15, whereas torches have only a light level of 14.

Method 3: Lastly, players can use Glowstone blocks which is a waterproof item that will give players better visibility underwater. One can craft this block by putting 4 pieces of glowstone dust on the crafting menu. Glowstone blocks act similar to Jack O lanterns, as they also emit a light level of 15.


Now you know how to see underwater in Minecraft, so try it practically during your gaming session and unlock a new door to the underworld experience. With the help of these items, your underwater visibility will get stronger and you will be able to explore and discover new items in a more efficient way. 


How to breathe underwater in Minecraft?

In the world of Minecraft, every thing is possible, players can have access to different tools and techniques that make underwater expiration so much earlier. Just as there are methods to see the underworld, there are also methods to breathe underwater such as one can use a potion of water breathing, turtle shell, and conduct power. 

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