How to see Durability in Minecraft?

How to see Durability in Minecraft? In Minecraft when you are crafting or using certain tools, armor, or weapons, you will be able to see that you have limited durability.

There are lots of challenges a player has to go through which makes the game more fun and one of the challenges is item durability. Durability affects all armor, tools, weapons, and other items. It shows the number of items that can perform useful actions and deteriorate upon use. 

How to see Durability in Minecraft?

How to see Durability in Minecraft

There are two ways to see durability in Minecraft. The first one is that you can easily view the durability of the item in the durability bar which is located at the bottom of the item icon. To get more specific information such as numeric durability you can press F3+H on your keyboard and you will be able to get the exact durability of the item.

You can use certain items for a limited duration before the item breaks and vanishes. At first, you will be able to view a green bar which will be green but with time and usage the item’s durability will go down and the bar color will turn yellow, then orange and at last it will turn red. 

You can view the durability level of the item every time. There are many factors that affect the durability of an item such as when you craft a gear and start using it in various situations. But you can also increase the durability by repairing the item with mending enchantment, a grindstone, or even an anvil. You can use enchantments like mending and unbreaking to prevent the breaking of the item. 

You can view the remaining durability of an item in the item’s durability bar which is located on the button of the item icon in the action and inventory bar. If you do not use the item you won’t be able to view the durability in the durability bar. 

How do you show Durability in Minecraft

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Now you will be able to see the durability of the items and can repair them by using enchantment before your item breaks and vanishes. You will be able to keep track of the durability of your favorite armor, weapons, or tools. Share these tips with your friends and face the challenge in a more fun way. 

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