How to reset the Oculus Pin? 7 Easy Steps

If you’ve ever had trouble resetting your Oculus pin and wondering how to reset the oculus pin? Then this guide is for you.

Your Oculus Pin is your digital key to the virtual world. It will make transactions easy by confirming your ID and protecting you with a personalized pin code. This PIN is the main factor in authenticating your actions; in the future, it may also function as personalized account property, turning your account into an individualized package of virtual goods.

The pin is connected to your account, so all of your devices are linked, and you can use the same pin on different devices.  If you do forget your Oculus PIN and want to learn how to Reset your Oculus pin? just follow our guide and log into the Oculus PC app, mobile app, or website, or use the app for Samsung Gear VR. Read on to know more.

How to reset the Oculus Pin?

How To Reset The Oculus Pin

To change and reset your Oculus Pin, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Oculus Webpage
  2. Once done, log in to your Profile.
  3. Now select “Security” from the left menu.
  4. Click “PIN” > “Edit”
  5. Click “Forgot Pin” > “Request Pin Reset”
  6. You’ll then receive an email.
  7. To reset your pin, follow the steps provided in your email.

Also note that sometimes you may also receive the mail in your “Spam” folder, so make sure to check it.

Check out this quick video to know how to reset the Oculus Pin.

How to reset the Oculus Pin on phone?

If you forgot your pin for your Oculus Quest 2 and just want to change it on your Phone or iPhone, the process is really simple. 

  1. Just head over to your Oculus account, and select the app or game where you misplaced the pin. 
  2. There’s a “Forgot PIN?” option on every app and game. After selecting that, enter your current password, and choose a new pin.
  3. First Visit the Oculus website and log in to your account.
  4. If you’re on your mobile browser, go to the navigation bar and then click on the menu icon. In the menu, click on “Log in / Sign Up”.
  5. Click “Log in with Facebook”.
  6. Log in to your account and choose an app or game.
  7. Just open any one of the apps or games that you’ve purchased, tap on the menu icon that appears on the top navigation bar, then tap on “Apps & Games.” 
  8. Go to the “Apps & Games” section from there.
  9. After selecting “Apps and Games” on the navigation bar, you’ll arrive at the “Apps & Games” page. 
  10. Click here to see limited-time deals and creator packs, as well as charts, lists, and more. 
  11. We’ll choose the game under “Limited Time Deals” for this guide. Any choice will do!
  12. After choosing a game, you’ll get to view its details. You can check out its age rating, reviews, and more. 
  13. Tap on the price of the app or game to easily reset your Oculus pin without purchasing it.
  14. It’s not necessary that you buy the app or game– it will simply help you navigate to the specific pin reset page.
  15. When you’re ready to purchase a game or app on Oculus, you’ll need to enter your PIN. 
  16. To keep it easy, the “Confirm Purchase” pop-up will contain the price of the title and tax. In order to purchase, you’ll need to enter your PIN.
  17. If you forget your PIN, you’ll have to create a new one. To reset your PIN, tap on Reset Pin next to Enter PIN.
  18. In order to change your Oculus pin, you must first know your current password. You’ll then choose a new pin number and enter it in. 
  19. Lastly, confirm your new pin by entering your old one. 
  20. You can also click the “Submit” button to reset your Oculus pin!

Check out this quick video to know how to reset the Oculus Pin on your phone.

Why is the Oculus Pin reset link not working?

Recently, many Oculus users have been reporting that the “pin reset link” is not working. 

There can be many reasons, but If you experience an error on the reset link from your email, please log in from that page to get a personal PIN reset. Also, make sure to:

  1. Stay logged in to your Oculus account before you try to click the resetting pin.
  2. Look at your browser’s settings for incognito mode, if it is on incognito mode, then your browser will not remember your login session.


If you forget your Oculus pin, just follow the steps above. Additionally, You can also submit a request to the Oculus Support team via email, chat, or WhatsApp that will help with your issue. They have a response time of 1-2 business days.