How to reset stats Elden Ring?

How to reset stats Elden Ring? In Elden Ring, Larval Tears are the only way to reset your character’s stats and respect them without starting the game from scratch. You may have made a mistake or been curious about one of the most powerful Elden Ring configurations. Without motivation, you’ll need to swiftly master the art of respecting your character in the Elden Ring.

It is not uncommon for Larval Tears, a rare consumable item, to be stashed away in dangerous areas or on cunningly camouflaged enemies. Those tears are what you’ll need to reset your stats to their factory settings.

How to reset stats Elden Ring?

How to reset stats Elden Ring

How to reset stats Elden Ring? There is a required level cap that must be reached before switching specializations. To verify this, you must have already defeated Rennala, the boss. You can find the lady above in Liurnia of the Lakes; she’s the final boss of the Raya Lucaria Academy. If you’re looking for a guide on defeating Rennala, you’re lucky because we already have one prepared for you to read.

When Rennala is defeated, she retreats to this room and stays there for the rest of the game, clutching a mysterious egg. When talking to her, you can choose to undergo a “Rebirth.” With this action, your stats will be restored to their default values, and your reputation will be recalculated from scratch (depending on which character you started the game with, of course, these base values will be different).

However, the so-called rebirth will set you back one larval tear for every team member. Rare as hen’s teeth, larval tears can be uncovered in-game or looted from certain enemies. Defeating specific creatures will net you these items. You can still find enough of them on each run to finish the repetition a few times without actively searching for them, even if they are rare.

Where to Find Larval Tears?

Where To Find Larval Tears

We’ve discussed a few spots where you can find larval tears rather early in the game to make respecting a breeze in the following writeup:

  • In Agheel Lake South, if you manage to climb the rock wall and kill the human enemy, they will morph into a Rune Bear and drop a Larval Tear.
  • A big lobster can change and occasionally drops a Larval Tear if slain in the Fallen Ruins of the Lakes to the south of the Site of Grace.
  • In the Albinauric Village, there is a coffin containing a Larval Tear. An Albinauric is living in the town.
  • After making your way to Siofra via the well, you should seek the Abandoned Merchant. For 3000 souls, he will sell you a Larval Tear.

Of course, Elden Ring has a lot more Larval Tears, and new ones are often found there. 

How to reset character stats Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has two simple but not trivial prerequisites that must be met before you can begin rebuilding your character. We have already discussed how to reset stats Elden Ring? Your first objective should be to defeat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, at Raya Lucaria Academy. If you stick to the game’s recommended path, this is the second truly challenging boss you’ll encounter.

The second requirement is the possession of a Larval Tear, an extremely rare artifact that rarely appears worldwide. Defeating Rennala will cause her to enter a passive condition and return to her boss’s arena. While she is there, you can respec your character by conversing with her and exchanging one Larval Tear for the service.

How to upgrade stats in Elden Ring?

How to upgrade stats in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is south of the Gatefront Ruins, near Limgrave, on the way to Stormhill; to get experience and level here, you must rest at a Site of Grace in Elden Ring.

While unwinding at a Site of Grace, select “Level Up” from the menu. You can choose the metrics you want to enhance and then commit to your choice. To see these landmarks from a greater distance, use the slowing Grace guidance that directs you in their way.

That completely explains how and why your attributes change as you gain levels in Elden Ring.

How to read Elden Ring weapon stats?

Elden Ring’s weapon scaling grants bonuses based on your stats. We’ll explain it step-by-step below.

  • Let’s take the Uchigatana starting weapon for the Samurai class. The base form has 115+18 attack power for us. This is its enemy damage.
  • Uchigatana damage is 115. Our numbers don’t change this. Only an anvil or blacksmith can adjust this value; even then, our attributes won’t affect it. Whoever holds this blade, nothing changes.
  • Our attributes determine the +18 bonus. This weapon has D-grade scaling in Strength and Dexterity under its attack power.
  • Scaling means that our character’s Strength and Dexterity are applied to this weapon’s extra damage. As we level up at Sites of Grace, our weapon does additional bonus damage.
  • Scaling’s multiplier can vary. Upgrade or tweak the Uchigatana, and the Dexterity scaling will improve. As the multiplier increases, any modification to Dexterity has a greater effect. A Dexterity of 20 adds a little damage to an E-grade Dex scaling and a lot to an A-grade.
  • We can see that leveling up the weapon improves the Dexterity scaling (but not enough to take it out of the D-grade); thus, if we upgraded, the bonus damage would go from +18 to +20, even though our Dexterity hasn’t increased. Scaling’s power.
  • This implies you should choose a weapon that scales to your best stat hugely. If you’re good at Strength, you desire A-grade scaling—level up Strength for a game-changing weapon.


Although the Elden Ring allows you to respec your statistics, doing so will return you to the baseline provided by your starting class. We hope we have defined in detail how to reset stats Elden Ring.  Defeating several bosses is a necessary step in the respeccing process, which makes the whole thing seem useless. In games where prolonged grinding is not possible, your choices are limited. We appreciate your stopping by very much.

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