How to reset Guardian Oculus Quest 2: The Guide

Don’t know how to reset Guardian Oculus Quest 2? Don’t worry! In order to use your VR headset safely, Oculus Quest 2 Guardian sends you alerts whenever you reach the edge of a safe space you create.

Despite its benefits, Guardian can sometimes get in the way, so some people prefer turning it off. This article will explain how to reset Guardian Oculus Quest 2, so you can enjoy your Quest 2 without any limitations.

How To Reset Guardian Oculus Quest 2?

How To Reset Guardian Oculus Quest 2

Whenever Guardian is turned off, you cannot adjust any of its settings. When you want to turn Guardian back on, you will need to click on the Guardian button again in the Developer settings menu. 

After completing this, you can adjust the Guardian settings as usual. You will be asked to define the Guardian boundary and confirm the floor level immediately after the Guardian setup begins.

  • In the Settings app, go to the Guardian settings menu if you want to reset the boundary and floor height.
  • In order to redefine a new Guardian and reset the boundary and floor height, select Adjust Guardian to go through the Guardian setup process.

You can also adjust the floor height separately if this is a problem. For example, When I played Golf+ on my Quest 2, I encountered issues with my floor height. The floor height settings can affect some games quite a bit.

The floor height can usually be adjusted in most games, but it’s best to get the Guardian setup as accurate as possible.

Learn how to reset Guardian Oculus Quest 2 in this quick video

What are the benefits of turning off Guardian in Oculus Quest 2?

What Are The Benefits Of Turning Off Guardian In Oculus Quest 2

As a first point, if you’re playing in a huge space, you’ll have trouble making a Guardian area that’s larger than 10m by 10m. 

With my Quest 2, I was able to play in a much larger area, and by turning off Guardian, I was able to play throughout the entire area without being restricted by boundaries.

Additionally, Whenever I move from my desk to my playspace while using Quest 2, I turn off Guardian, so I can continue to use the headset without Guardian interfering.


If you have been experiencing any issues with Guardian Oculus Quest 2 be sure to follow our guide on how to reset Guardian Oculus Quest 2. This will help solve any problems you are having and get guardian Oculus Quest 2 working the way it should.


When Guardian is off, Why can’t I use Passthrough on Oculus Quest 2?

By double tapping on the side of your headset, you can use the passthrough feature in Quest 2. Passthrough also activates when you are outside the Guardian boundary. Unfortunately, this won’t work if Guardian is turned off, and no workaround exists at the moment.

If Guardian is off, you can only use passthrough if you play a game or app that uses it. Passthrough Hand Playground is one option you can install via Sidequest.

What is the maximum size of the Guardian boundary in Oculus Quest 2?

The maximum size was supposed to be increased in 2021, but As of 2022, the maximum size is still 10m by 10m, which is more than adequate for most play areas.

Can you change the Guardian in Oculus Quest 2?

If you want to switch between Guardian modes or redraw the boundaries, press the Oculus button on your right Touch controller. Select Guardian from the universal menu by hovering over the clock on the left side of the menu.