How To Relapse in Bitlife?

How to relapse in Bitlife? You may be familiar with the many challenges that are issued each week if you play Bitlife. These include some engaging tasks that challenge players while also providing an opportunity for them to increase their collection of rewards.

How to relapse in Bitlife? In this post, you will learn how to relapse in Bitlife.

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How To Relapse in Bitlife?

How To Relapse in Bitlife

How to relapse in Bitlife? In BitLife, if you allow certain items into your life, you run the risk of having an addiction. For instance, if drugs are supplied to them, they can develop a drug addiction. The same is true of gambling and drinking. Your character might attend rehab if they wish to benefit from it, but they run the risk of relapsing into addiction. You must finish this job in order to complete the Euphoria Challenge

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How to relapse in Bitlife? The first step is to ensure that your character has an addiction. Anytime your character consumes drugs, or alcohol, or gambles excessively, this will occur at random. It’s possible that you need to perform an activity enough times because this doesn’t always happen. Your character will eventually develop an addiction to something.

The next step is to admit your character to rehab. Near the bottom of the Activities tab is where you may do this. You can choose between joining AA, hypnotherapy, or a rehab facility if you go all the way down to Rehab. We advise the Rehabilitation centre among the options. If you don’t have an addiction, you won’t be allowed to enter any of these locations.

Your character will be free of the addiction once you’ve done with your Rehab selection. To relapse, they must pick up the behaviour again, whether it be using alcohol, drugs, or gambling. As they finish the Euphoria Challenge exercise, make sure they engage in the exact behaviour that caused them to relapse into addiction.

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The Bitlife Euphoria challenge is a must-try challenge in Bitlife. You can try it out in your game now. Follow all the steps and instructions given above.

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