How to Reconnect With an Estranged Child Bitlife?

In today’s Bitlife post, we will help you with “How to reconnect with an estranged child Bitlife”? If your character is disliked by his/her child due to some reason, don’t lose hope yet. We will help you get your child back. 

The game is similar to real-life instances. It will take a lot of time and effort to get the magical bond with your child again. Follow our steps and instructions carefully to get your child back. 

What is Bitlife?

What is Bitlife

In 2018, BitLife was built as an open-world simulation game. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.  Players could design their own lives and interactions with other characters in the game. Bitlife has become one of the most played simulation games in the industry.

It could be very challenging for parents to relate to their kids in the actual world. By assisting you in re-establishing a connection with your child, BitLife helps lessen the load that comes with parenting, particularly when the youngster feels alienated.

This game can be played by all age groups. Making parents serve as trainers can provide a realistic experience that enables families to carry out their lives in a VR environment.

The game allowed you to begin as an adolescent in high school and go through your age to college or a job or profession. However, aging is a long process in the game. Here’s a tip – You can speed things up by sleeping.

BitLife is a complicated game that centers around a character’s entire existence that was created by Candywriter LLC. With more than 50 different conceivable outcomes, there is a very high likelihood that the game will be replayed.

The game will allow you to make many life decisions that will eventually impact whether or not your character succeeds or fails. You will also be able to look back and recollect the past while also analyzing your gaming progress.

Let’s come to the main topic now – How to reconnect with a child you abandoned in Bitlife? You can learn the steps in the section below.

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How to Reconnect With an Estranged Child Bitlife?

How to Reconnect With an Estranged Child Bitlife

How to reconnect with an estranged child Bitlife? There are a few things to keep in mind before you get down through the process to reconnect with your estranged child.

First and foremost, you will have to have an estranged child for this process.  If not, this won’t help you at all. However, if that’s the situation, we suggest trying something different rather than wasting time trying to connect.

Simply navigate to the game’s “Children” tab and look for a child there if you’ve abandoned him/her and wish to find him/her again. You can get back in touch with him/her when you find him/her.

To connect with your child after you’ve abandoned them, you’ll need to wait about 2 years. If you can’t wait so long, you can use the aging up cheat to accelerate time till you reach the time.

You can use the connect option to try to rekindle a relationship with your estranged child after waiting for about two years or using the aging-up cheat.

Now, check out the instructions given below to reconnect with your estranged child in BitLife:

  1. Go to the Child’s Tab that you can find under Relationships Section
  2. Now, choose the “Reconnect” option
  3. Then, you will have to wait for a few hours

That’s all you had to do to reconnect with your estranged child in Bitlife. The success of this attempt, however, can be affected by a few factors.

For starters, it will be more difficult to win over a child who dislikes their parents deeply. Therefore, if your child is difficult, it could take you a few times before the option is accessible.

Additionally, if they resent their parents to the extent of pure hatred, that will make things more difficult. In Bitlife, your happiness depends on who you are closest to, and your chances of coming back into their lives are very small.


Bitlife is one of the popular games in the market at the moment. This game can be enjoyed by all age groups. In this open-world simulation game, you can form connections or relationships with other characters. It is similar to real-life activities.

BitLife makes it possible for parents to communicate with their kids online, but as we all know, it may be very challenging for parents to do so in the actual world. The game is primarily intended to reduce the stress of parenting for parents whose kids don’t get along with them very well.

As a result of its outstanding features, BitLife also enables game-based communication between parents and their estranged children. In the game, parents can take on the role of a coach and assist families as they live out their lives in a virtual setting.

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