How to Read Frankenstein in Bitlife?

How to read Frankenstein in Bitlife? Are you looking for the answer? Here’s a guide for you. In this post, you will learn how to find the book and read it. 

In Bitlife, you can read a lot of books. Frankenstein is one of the hard-to-find books in the game. You cannot find this book easily. However, if you get it right with the requirements, you can find the book. Read this post to learn how to read Frankenstein in Bitlife.

What is Bitlife Game?

What is Bitlife

The BitLife application simulator is an RPG game that realistically depicts the life of a character. It was created in 2018, and the upgraded functionality was made available in 2019. On this platform, players can select a character and lead a virtual life. In this game, there are two life modes – childhood and adulthood.

This app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. It is a single-person game in which the player can progress through several life stages and ultimately put an end to the game by passing away. The death of each character in this game is determined by their health bars and star signs. With the help of this software, gamers can grow closer to one another and become like brothers, sisters, etc. You can start the game by selecting your nation, parents, etc. You must approach the game in the same manner as you approach real-world issues.

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Frankenstein Book Details

Frankenstein is an interesting book to read in Bitlife. Every Bitlife player would want to read this book at least once in a lifetime. In the section below, you will learn how to find the book and read it in Bitlife. Here is some information regarding the book –

Author Mary Shelley
Genre Horror
No. of Pages 335
Age Requirement 18 years

How to Read Frankenstein in Bitlife? 

How to Read Frankenstein in Bitlife

The first thing you will need is to grow your character till 18 years old. You cannot find or read the book when you’re young. Your character must be in his late teens or 18 to read this horror book. 

When they reach adulthood, select the Mind and Body option under the Activity Tab. When you select the option to “Read a Book,” you will be presented with a list of available books. Since the books are so different, you will need to keep selecting this option until the book you desire appears.

After your character is aged 18, check the Activity Tab. Finding it shouldn’t take too long, and eventually, it will appear on your book list. Click on it when you see it to browse through the entire book’s pages. After finishing the 335-page book, you can say that you’ve read Frankenstein in BitLife.

What Age Can You Read Frankenstein in Bitlife?

You can read the 335-page horror book, Frankenstein, in BitLife as an adult. It is a scary book, therefore you probably won’t read it to a small child. After you age your character till 18, you can find the book to read.    

How Many Pages are There in Frankenstein?

There are 335 pages in Frankenstein. If you are an average reader, you can finish this book in 8 to 9 hours with a speed of 250 words per minute.


In BitLife, you must frequently put your patience to the test because everything happens at random. This is typically true when it comes to specific activities that you must finish in challenges. These things are usually simpler than they appear, although their labels aren’t always clear.

We hope that you were able to understand the steps that we mentioned above. Follow them carefully to find the Frankenstein book and enjoy the thrill.