How to protect against Madness in Elden Ring?

How to protect against Madness in Elden Ring? This article will examine the impact of Madness, as we have already addressed the prevention and treatment of Scarlet Rot in Elden Ring. Once the target’s health and FP bar have both depleted, the effect will end. This is a terrible prospect if you intend to use spells to defeat your foes or even stay alive. The right equipment and magic can help you fare better in such conflicts.

How to protect against Madness in Elden Ring?

How to protect against Madness Elden Ring

There is only one stat in Elden Ring called Focus, and it is directly linked to your ability to withstand Madness. Most of the game’s status effects have a single-use duration and can be boosted in various ways. Those who want to combat the building of Crazy should put extra effort into improving their Mind stats, which are related to FP.

Advantages in withstanding the Madness are brought on by:

  • A player’s Focus stats can be improved by raising their Mind stat.
  • Attention is usually concentrated on the lightest armor, although even the heaviest suits of protection will provide some safety.
  • The Siofra ancestral territory below ground contains a charm known as the Clarifying Horn Charm.
  • Eating either Dappled Cured Meat or Clarifying White Cured Meat will momentarily increase your Focus level.
  • Using a Clarifying Bolus to reverse the progress of their Crazy meter is a consumable option.
  • As Madness is so infrequent compared to other effects, players often need to prepare more, yet there are times when having the correct equipment can make all the difference.

Increasing Elden Ring’s resistance to Madness using the Flask of Wondrous Physick

The Flask of Wondrous Physick is a multipurpose consumable that functions similarly to a Crimson Flask but can be personalized to suit your needs. Tears can be collected from various locations on the map and added to the pot. There are multiple effects, and you can utilize two at once.

Players should equip either the Speckled Hardtear or the Opaline Hardtear for resistance. To counter the effects of Madness in the Elden Ring, use this mixture in conjunction with many of the items listed above.

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What item cures Madness in Elden Ring?

What item cures Madness in Elden Ring

Your general sensitivity to the accumulating Crazy effects of losing Focus. Though spending skill points on the Mind attribute can help with concentration, doing so may be questionable if you plan on employing something other than Magic or Spirit Summons with a high Focus Point cost very often.

The prevalence of Madness makes it worthwhile to equip items like the Shield of the Guilty (which provides a +40 Focus bonus) and the Clarifying Horn Charm (which provides a +90 Focus bonus). Additional options include the Clarifying Boluses or the Lucidity Spell.

Craft & Use Clarifying Boluses to Cure Madness

We’ll start with Clarifying Boluses because you can probably make them before you learn the Lucidity spell and utilize them to cure Crazy. In the Regions Between, clarifying Boluses exist but are extremely rare. We’ve spent much time looking for them but have not encountered any in the wild.

Making your own is preferable if you need a cure for Madness, as the ingredients are more accessible than the consumable. Nevertheless, you’ll need Frenzied’s Cookbook [1] to make it happen.


This was all about how to protect against Madness Elden Ring. One of the various status effects you may suffer in Elden Ring is Madness. You’ve probably heard of the possibly fatal sickness if you’ve ever visited the Frenzied Village in northeastern Liurnia of the Lakes. So what, exactly, is the remedy for Madness?

In a technical sense, it is more effective to treat the cause of Crazy than to remove the status impact once it has taken hold. A paralyzing blast is unleashed as soon as your Madness status bar fills, making it impossible to act. Unlike Scarlet Rot and Poison, when your status bar fills up and then steadily depletes, doing damage over time, this does not occur. We appreciate your visit.

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To what extent might the Elden Ring Madness affect?

One of the most crippling penalties in the Elden Ring is Madness. When activated, it deals heavy damage to the target’s health and FP stuns them for a short period of time and prohibits them from performing spells during that time.

So, what exactly does Madness do to enemies?

Weapons, skills, and spells can all be used to induce Madness. When the target’s Madness meter reaches its maximum, they will lose Focus Points (FP) and cannot cast any spells until the FP is restored. Moreover, the target’s health is harmed.