How to Prevent Water from Freezing in Minecraft?

How to prevent water from freezing in Minecraft? The game world of Minecraft is very similar to real life, for instance when water is kept under a certain temperature it changes its state. Similarly in Minecraft water can change, when water is placed in cold areas it turns into ice blocks. So, if you are particularly in Minecraft’s chilly biomes, you might want to keep your water in its liquid state. But how to prevent water from freezing in Minecraft? Here’s a quick read-through.   

How to Prevent Water from Freezing in Minecraft?

Prevent Water from Freezing in Minecraft

Below are a few ways to prevent water from freezing in Minecraft:

Method 1: You need to place a light source above your water on time to time basis. You need to ensure the light level should be 13 or above to keep your water from freezing.

Method 2: You need to create an overhang made of slab or solid blocks, or entirely enclosed the water in a room. This will not allow the water to turn into Ice, as the water won’t get exposed to the sky.

Method 3: Your water should have light sources all around it. By doing this, you can prevent the water blocks adjacent to solid non-water blocks from freezing and spreading to the center.

These methods work pretty well for cold locations, including high-altitude areas in cold biomes or snowy. 

Now, it should not be difficult for you to keep your water from freezing. 

You need to opt for such methods because you need water in the liquid state to build certain projects, such as material farms, and water-based mobs. 

Also, unfrozen water is necessary for certain functional aspects of the game. For example, water is vital for crop growth, animal breeding, creating potions, and for hydrating yourself. If water turns into ice it will become very difficult for you to meet your above requirements.


Since now you know how to prevent water from freezing in Minecraft, why don’t you give the methods a try in your gaming session? See for yourself which method is most suitable for you and works faster. 


Do magma blocks stop water from freezing Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you cannot use magma blocks to prevent water from freezing. However, Magma blocks generate heat and emit a damaging effect called “Magma Block Burn,” but they do not stop water from changing its state to solid ice. 

You also need to know, even if you place your water directly on top of magma blocks, it will still freeze if exposed to a cold biome or low temperatures.

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