How to Play Wilder World?

Over the years, there has been a tremendous increase in the trends of the crypto world. The impact has been so great that even tech giants all across the globe now have their place in the digital asset space. With companies like Mets, Disney, Microsoft, etc. showing interest in this space, the probability of it developing even further in the upcoming years is tremendously high.

One such platform that is catching various eyes these days is Wilder World. This futuristic digital version of the world is nothing but a virtual world where users can do various things. All of these are represented by the NFTs. With this fully immersive and photorealistic platform in the picture, most people often wonder about how to play Wilder World?

If you are thinking of the same, this is just the right place for you. In today’s post, you will find all about what this VR and AR integrated platform is, what are Wilder Wheels, how the wilder world platform functions, and a lot more. Without any more wait, let us find out all about this game that works on a full-fledged metaverse platform. Keep reading!

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What are NFTs and Metaverse?

Before we dive ahead into what Wilder World is, and how to play it successfully, let us first explain the terms you might have heard a lot by now – NFTs and Metaverse. The former is also referred to as non-fungible tokens, and are usually some unique and special digital assets in such kinds of crypto games. These cannot be replaced or changed, unlike fungible tokens, for example, Ethereum (ETH).

Let us explain it in a simpler way. For instance, you have borrowed a Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). When you return it, this does not necessarily be the one you have borrowed. It can be another one. But that is not the case with NFTs. Since these are unique assets, when you borrow one, you are expected to return the exact same one.

This means that these tokens are quite rare – even rarer than the rarest of cryptocurrencies out there. Even if there is more than one kind of NFT, these are still unique as per the experts in the field. This also shows the importance of rarity when it comes to NFTs in the digital asset space or as it is called – the metaverse. After NFTs, let us tell you what it is.

This is the latest technology with the help of which, users can get to live in the digital universe. In this world, they can meet other real users, and thus, it gives them a sense of reality while not being real at the same time. Typically, a metaverse can be an amalgam of varied kinds of techs. For instance, it may be a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality.

The metaverse has expanded so much over the years that even companies like Meta (Facebook) now wish to revolutionize this technological advancement. Of course, this buzz on metaverses does not mean there will be no real world. Both these worlds will continue to exist side by side. The virtual world will even exist when you are busy fulfilling your roles in the real world.

What Is a Wilder World?

Wilder World Metaverse

Now that you have an idea about what NFTs and Metaverse are, let us move on to Wilder World. Are you curious about what Wilder World is, how to play it, or how Wilder World Metaverse works? If yes, worry not. We have all you need to know about this game. Let us first begin with what Wilder World actually is.

Are you fascinated by the NFTs and metaverse? If yes, Wilder World is something you need to know about. This is an immersive 5D universe that has multi-level worlds. These worlds are further photorealistic and have mixed realities. Any user using this metaverse can roam freely in it to explore it. They can even express themselves with unique avatars, trendy accessories, decorative assets, etc.

It is also possible for users to get virtual land in the game. The platform, in simple words, aims to be a decentralized platform for creators as well as artists. It has tools that can help them show their products and projects. The community-centered platform has cities for exploration and gives the players exposure to a virtual reality world.

Another thing you need to know about this project is that it is built on a virtual city Wiami – one of its first cities. A notable thing about this city is that it is very similar to Miami. When it comes to the teaching behind building this city on the blockchain, these are Ethereum and ZERO technology. Along with this, the project has various in-built games that follow the play-to-earn protocol.

It means that while playing these games, users can also earn money. Almost like other metaverses like there, this one too is focused on exposing users to NFTs. In fact, it hosts some mini-games that can help players get tokens for playing. Wilder Wheels is one of the well-known games on this platform.

Apart from this, the game also allows its players to race or rent their desired cars for payments. These cars further play a key role in their speed and gameplay due to their intriguing programming. They further also represent the NFTs in the game, and are, therefore, quite artistic. In fact, the car designs are very similar to those in the real world.

What Are Wilder World’s Wilder Wheels?

After Wilder Worlds, let us move on to the next major thing that you need to know – What are Wilder Wheels? As stated in the above section, it is a very popular game in Wiami – a city in Wilder World. With this game, users can race with other players in the game, and thereby, earn rewards. In case you do not have a car, you can use the $ WILD token and rent one for a limited period.

How Can You Play The Wilder World?

what is wilder world gameplay

In order to find out how to play Wilder World, you need to know how the Wilder World Metaverse works. In this section, you will find about the same. Since this platform is NFT-powered, it makes use of blockchain technology for its seamless running.

Also, the game tokens like WILD – native token and LOOT have a great role to play, as well. Here are all the components of Wilder World that you must know about in order to play it successfully. Have a look at them:

The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

The first thing that we will talk about is the core part of this metaverse platform – non-fungible tokens. The Wilder World’s metaverse consists of some beautiful and fascinating 3D artworks that you can find in the exploration of this virtual reality system.

All these artworks are usually represented by the NFTs. Now, it is possible for users to buy and sell them in order to make money inside the metaverse. Alongside creators who create these masterpieces, the platform is also open to art collectors.

The latter look for the rarest pieces of artwork as they are valuable and give a high value for them. Usually, the rarer the piece, the higher will be its value. These tokens can easily be found inside the microgames of the Wilder World.

The Wilder World Marketplace

Wilder World Marketplace

Now, the NFTs we talked about earlier, are particularly rare pieces. With the non-fungible tokens industry flourishing, Wilder World has its marketplace where it is possible to buy and sell these tokens. This is the Wilder World marketplace. 

The metaverse marketplace, further, has everything needed in terms of collectors. It is also possible for the game users to liquefy assets here. Clearly, the platform has a significantly bigger market that is of great importance to its economy.

The Artist Guild

After the NFT marketplace in the game, let us talk about the artist guild. This is actually a social network. On this network, various creatives can meet. They also get to interact among themselves in the metaverse in order to build meaningful connections. This in turn helps them create more useful and creative projects.

For instance, if you are a 3D artist, the platform is a perfect place for you. It is possible for you to easily become part of the guild, create rare pieces, and then sell them in return for tokens. Let us say that you sell artwork that is rare. The price you will get for this piece can be given to you in $ WILD – the native token of the platform.

The Wilder World Mechanism

When it comes to the Wilder World working mechanism, it is simple. As stated earlier, the non-fungible tokens help this 3D world to work. The team behind the platform has also leveraged Zero space when building this world making it realistic for the players.

There are numerous things in this 3-dimensional world, and most of these assets are also NFTs. When playing this game, the players can interact with other players inside the game world for various things. Some of these include acquiring property, selling artworks for tokens, etc.

This quality of the project makes it quite similar to the real world. Not just this, it is a perfect place for creation, as well. Creators can join the community space and work on unique projects to eventually sell them. There is also a way to collect rare and intriguing pieces by joining the game ecosystem.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Unlike other play-to-earn games out there, Wilder World believes in solving the problems associated with the NFT marketplaces. One of these is a central body controlling all functions and operations inside it.

For this purpose, the platform calls itself a decentralized autonomous organization, also called DAO. It means that the marketplace here is not under a single central body. Instead, sellers and buyers here can individually make transactions inside this community-centered body.

Token Staking and Liquidity

The next thing on the list is Wilder World token staking and liquidity. Like all other platforms, it too offers the same. However, the team behind it aims to solve the issues related to it. Owing to this ongoing problem in the industry, a solution is the growing number of artwork creators and collectors. In this case, when a creator sells artwork to someone, it becomes super easy and straightforward to access liquidity.

Wilder World Token Utility

The next thing we will talk about is the utility of digital products in the Wilder World ecosystem. While most of the things (NFTs) here may not have many utilities as of now, the same is not true for the game tokens. Every token on the platform has some use or another.

For example, some of them play a role in determining the future development of the project. Then, there are some tokens that can help you play Wilder World games by getting car NFTs and driving them. The tokens also make it possible for users with no car to rent one for a limited period.


Now that you know about all these, let us tell you how to get started with Wilder World. While the game is still under development, you can readily choose to bid on available NFTs. Make sure to do so through the official website of the platform only.

Some of these NFTs that you can bid on include kicks and wheels. With these, once the creators finalize development, you can become an owner. That being said, even in the development phase, you can easily purchase the native token in the game – $ WILD. Doing so is pretty simple.

You only need to register with an exchange that supports WILD, create an account, and then deposit fiat into your account. The final step of the process includes buying your coin. For it, you only need to search for the WILD token and then purchase the desired amount.

Once they are in your account, you can easily transfer them to any wallet you want. So, this is all you need to know about how to play Wilder World. We hope all the information provided helps you out. Good luck!