How to Play Upland?

Welcome to a world where you can buy, sell and trade real-world properties with real addresses in a virtual space. 

Upland is the new Tycoon game trending among players all over the globe. This metaverse game opens up a lot of new opportunities, for instance, property development, property selling, and trading in a virtual space.

Building up the excitement? There is more to it! Before starting with the game, the players should know how to play the game and begin with trading. 

Have enough knowledge about it before actually beginning so that you build up a strategy and get the maximum benefits out of it. So here it is that will help you with the understanding of the game. 

How to play Upland? Continue reading to find out more about Upland, how you should start playing it, and some deep insights into the property trading world!

What is Upland Metaverse?

what is upland metaverse

This incredible new game redefines digital property ownership. The game can be enjoyed on both iOS and Android devices. Through the means of construction, building, and other in-game businesses, players can experience the world’s first digital economy becoming a reality.

You can not only buy land plots, but you can also make a return on those plots, just like a real-life rental property. Based on the original price set by Upland, each plot of land earns a 17 percent profit. 

You can also sell your property after you buy it or raise your profits through collections. With spark, you may even construct houses or apartments on your property. Upland has properties for sale in certain cities across the United States.

In the latest beta edition of the game, your adventure begins in San Francisco. You will be able to buy land, construct buildings, decorate them with your flavors, and trade them as you wish. All this makes you earn in-game currency, UPX, and a whole new resource token called “Spark”.

You have actual ownership in the form of cryptocurrency token digital assets. 

How to Play Upland?

Upland isn’t an action-packed, fast-paced game. It is more deliberate, with the most significant aspect being the approach and the strategy. You begin by creating an “explorer” figure who walks throughout Upland. You get to choose the city to begin in, and you simply walk around and explore the area and which property to buy and trade for.

how to play upland game

Here is the complete tutorial for beginners to start the game and build a strategy to earn maximum yields.

Getting Onboard

The game will begin in the San Francisco bay area, and before you start dealing with the properties, first sign up with a new account with your email and password to go onboard. You will receive a verification mail, and after getting verified, you are all good to go with the trading game.

Choose an Avatar of The Block Explorer

The second and most interesting step is choosing an avatar. As you get higher status, there are more advanced avatars available, but for the initial stages, pick up a normal avatar for yourself. 

Your avatar discovers the properties as it roams around the area. You can hold it, sell it, or earn interest on the property you own. Every property earns UPX tokens as every three hours pass.

The green pins are the properties of others, and the blue pin represents you. You will see other block explorers all over the place. Your avatar is your Block Explorer. It acts as your apprentice that helps you to explore available properties and buy them. 

Your block explorer will drop you in San Francisco once you begin the game. It is the key to accessing all the game’s fun and frolics.

What is UPX?


UPX is the official in-game currency of the game Upland. It is a crypto token and 1000 UPX amounts to 1 USD or roundabout. 

You automatically get 3,000 UPX as a starting bonus. Once you reach Uplander status, which is achieved by amassing a net worth of 10,000+ UPX, all UPX transactions are logged on the EOS blockchain. 

Players are considered Visitors up to that time and must become Uplanders to own their UPX and property NFTs.

Players use this currency to buy, sell, and trade properties with other players. You also get an interest in the properties you own. These are all real-world properties with real addresses but in a virtual space. Each property will be of some value (UPX).

How to Earn More UPX?

You earn UPX interest on each of your properties every three hours, and interest gains depend upon your property size and location. Other than this, you can also purchase UPX with fiat currency, or through property sales. Completing Treasure hunts also earns you UPX. 

UPX earnings keep piling up, so don’t have to rush to the spot to collect them each time you earn some UPX.

To get more UPX, you will find The Upland Store in the top right corner of the app. The store sells UPX in predetermined amounts. Players receive UPX profits on their properties every three hours, which they can increase by completing Collections.

How to Buy, Sell, and Trade Property in Upland?

The game is all about Property Trading. The virtual properties are the real-life addresses, and everything feels pragmatic, except for the fact that it is in a virtual space. If you are a beginner, you can start your journey in Fresno or the Brooklyn area. Let’s now learn how to buy properties in Upland.

To know about any newly anointed property on the map, click on it. If the property is for sale, you can make an offer to the owner or simply pay the indicated amount.

If you make a UPX offer on a property, the amount will be taken from your account and placed in a deposit. The UPX will be returned to your balance if the owner rejects your offer.

Now that you have bought properties and want to sell a few, you can simply list your property for sale on the Marketplace. Select the property, enter the desired price you want for it, and click the Sell button. 

The players can also exchange their properties with other players directly. Simply select the Offer button, your offer type, and the property that you want to trade, and it’s done!

“Visitor” and “Uplander” Status

When you start with the game, you will get down as a ‘Visitor’. To reach the status of an ‘Uplander’ and enjoy the real fun of the game, you will have to rack up a sum of 10k UPX. 

The other important thing to keep in consideration is that you will have to renew your Upland Visa at least once every seven days. This keeps control of your digital assets The number of times the Upland Visa can be renewed is unlimited.

In any circumstance, if you fail to do so within seven days, an additional one-day grace period will be given. The visitor’s assets will be recycled back if the visa is not renewed within the time limitation.

Upland Collections 

Upland Collections is one of the most important aspects of the property trading game to look over. They allow players to increase their revenue by collecting properties in the same area or properties with comparable features.

Once you purchase a property, it is officially on the blockchain and you can see what your property will earn each month over time. When you click within your property, you will see different Collections that the property can qualify for.

The first icon on the bottom left shows the Properties and the second one shows the Collections. The Collections allow you to earn even more UPX. After completing any Collection, you earn a one-time UPX extra award. Completing a collection will increase your earnings on all of the properties you own inside it.

Collection Levels

Each Collection is also assigned a level based on how challenging it is to complete. The five levels are Standard, Limited, Exclusive, Rare, and Ultra Rare. Higher-level collections will earn you more UPX than the ones at the lower levels.

Some properties fall into more than one collection category and players can switch them between different collections, and a property cannot be utilized in two collections at the same time.

What are ‘Spark Hours’ in Upland?

spark hours upland

Spark is the digital token and the new mechanism that will be used for all the activities of the game. The owners of the token will enjoy the gains of Trading and True Ownership, from property development, to assist the players in being creative in an endless number of ways. It eventually opens up more economic possibilities.

The first fungible token was $UPX and now $USPK is the latest digital token introduced into the Upland Metaverse. You will be the owner of your Spark and only you will decide how, where, and when to use it. 

Spark is a utility token where, instead of spending your Spark, you can stake it and receive it back once the action is done. The construction or the manufacturing process might continue while your Spark is staked. Once the construction or the building process is done, your Spark will be returned to you.

The quantity of Spark you stake determines the building process. Construction projects take longer in Upland as it has an in-game economy that is based on the real world. The length of time a process takes to complete a project is measured in ‘Spark Hours.’ 

Once you decide to build something on your property, you will see how many spark hours are required to complete the project. You can start with a minimum Spark amount to be staked. “The more Spark staked, the shorter time it takes to construct.”


So far, Upland has been entertaining, and if you are a real estate investor, you will enjoy its frolics. It will be fascinating to observe how the game develops and what changes are included. It even has the potential to grow enormously or vanish completely. 

All in all, these were some of the basics of the game, and now you know how to play Upland, the trading game. Sign up for the game and start experiencing the vibrancy of property trading. Once you begin with the game, you will be engrossed in the tactics of the game. Because the ownership is in your hands, you know well which property to buy and which to trade so that you get the maximum benefits! Good luck with that!