How to play Farmers World NFT?

How to play Farmers World NFT? In Japan, Farmers World was developed by G.JIT JAPAN and built on the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) public chain. Food, Wood, and Gold are the game’s three tokens. Each is useful and can be traded in-game.

You use NFT tools to gather the three resources, buy NFT Land Plots to farm, and raise NFT animals. You can also sell NFTs for WAX. CoinMarketCap now values WAX at $0.3409.

Farmers World has no backstory. However, it was inspired by a Brazilian manuscript called “Manuscript No4848.” Not essential, but we read this lore. The paper describes a secret Amazonian society. It references a “beardless” stone statue, earthquakes, and other natural disasters; it’s confusing.

Farmer’s World began while the ancient civilization was young. You create your culture by chopping wood, fishing, farming, and mining gold. Realistically, you do these things to make money. This game requires strategy, so here are the basics of how to play Farmers World NFT

How to play Farmers World NFT?

Select “Play & Earn” on You’re redirected to the game, where you check in using Wax Cloud Wallet or Anchor. Sign up for a WAX account at to sell on the secondary market. When you exchange resources or mint NFTs in-game, gas fees apply.

playing farmers world

After logging in and setting up your accounts, you can start playing. Games require tools. Tokens are mined via tools. Make or acquire these tools on AtomicHub’s Marketplace through drops or secondary transactions. Since you won’t have enough resources to create tools initially, you’ll have to buy them.

Here’s how to get in-game tokens:

  • Axes, Saws, Chainsaws for Wood (FWW).
  • Food (FWF) — Use Fishing Rods, Nets, or Boats.
  • Gold (FWG) — Mining Excavator.

You start with 200 Energy, which must be refilled to complete objectives. To gather Food, Energy, and Fish. Each NFT tool is durable. Gold is needed to repair a 0-durability tool. Durability ranges from 25 to 1,600.

Each mining tool has a one-hour cooldown. You can’t utilize things during the cooldown. Farmers World suggests starting with an Axe and Fishing Rod. Chopping wood is a straightforward way to get started, and the Fishing Rod can restore your Energy.

The tokens work in a cycle: you need tools and Energy to mine, resources to replace and repair tools, etc.

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Is Farmers World play-to-earn?

Farmers World is a farming game where players utilize Energy and Tools to gather resources to trade or sell

Is Farmers World play-to-earn

Two ways to make money:

Excavate. Sell Wood, Food, or Gold. Using the Exchange option, you can exchange Wood for Gold. You can also sell Member cards; we’ll explain later.

Raid and farm. Profitable secondary markets exist for farm animals and Food—cows, chickens, bulls, maize, Barley, etc. Milk for Barley is an animal resource swap.

Select the blue Atomic button on your menu to list your NFTs for sale. AtomicHub supports WAX, Anchor, and Scatter.

Gold mining is costly.

Gold mining costs $1,500 to $2,000 in February 2022. Indeed. In-game gold mining requires a Mining Excavator, which costs $1,600 (4,700 WAX) in AtomicHub’s Marketplace.

Wood, Food, and Farm plots are recommended for novice players because they demand less cash upfront unless you’re comfortable investing a couple of thousand dollars immediately.

Farmers World NFTs

farmer worlds nfts

 Non-tool NFTs have specific uses, characteristics, and pricing. Some:

  • Beginner pack
  • Chicken-pack
  • Spotlight pack
  • Calves
  • Corn
  • Maize
  • Barley
  • Seed barley
  • Coop
  • Acreage
  • Bull 
  • Coin farmer

NFT prices vary greatly. Like a new automobile, a user listed a Bull for almost $40,000 (122,000 WAX). Other NFTs, such as Farm Plots, cost $20 each.

Buy NFTs on AtomicHub using WAX.

How do I start Farmer World?

This post explains how to start from scratch in Farmers World and what you need to know before playing.

Like every play-to-earn game, you must invest money to acquire NFTs and utilize them to make tokens and resources. Farmers World is a farming simulator where we use tools to gather wood, gold, and Food. Different devices with increasing capability collect resources, while cows or chickens acquire Food.

Wax Wallet’s function

Create a Wax Wallet account. As it’s on a different network, you can’t use Metamask, which is used in many finance Smart chain games. We’ll use We’ll find the Wax wallet and create an account using our email or other login options.

After creating an account, you’ll see a dashboard. Since you’ll use the wallet to join the game, we recommend locating each part. Let’s examine the most critical factors. You’ll need Wax to start and log in. Binance makes it easy to buy and withdraw. If you don’t have a Binance account, click here.

With Wax, click staking rewards, my staked tokens, and Wax. CPU, NET, and RAM must all have Wax. Three Wax blockchain components. They’re game resources; we’ll need Wax to log in.

Five Wax in CPU, 2 in NET, and 1-2 in RAM are recommended. Click stake after entering the amount. This will allow us to log into the game. It would help if you didn’t stake with much Wax. In CPU and NET, you can quit staking at any moment, but you can’t remove RAM because it pays transaction commissions. By staking, you’ll get incentives. 

Buying NFTs

The next stage is to buy game NFTs with Wax. Choose Farmers World, which is frequently first. Stone axe and fishing rod are good starters. Buy the two cheapest NFTs you can. Set durability to 100 and sort by price. I don’t advocate buying the Stone axe because it’s expensive.

Once you buy NFTs, you’ll see them in your inventory wallet. To buy them, you must use Wax, click on buy, and confirm in your wallet. You can buy better NFTs or more if you wish to invest more money in the game. I recommend starting with little and learning the game’s principles before buying pricey NFTs that may not be as profitable.


Now we may log in with our wallet at Click play & earn and choose an available RPC endpoint. I recommend one of the first ones. Click login. When you enter the game, you’ll see a chest. Here are your NFTs. We’ve discussed the Stone axe and fishing rod. Click wear to use these tools.

When you click wear, it transfers your NFT to Farmers World. You can withdraw it from your wallet and sell it on the Marketplace, as we did when we bought it. Click wear and approve the transaction using your two NFTs.

Home is where your tools and Food are stored. You can click on mine to start working and confirm the transaction in your wallet. You will have 1 hour to claim your rewards.

After 1 hour, press mine to reveal your goodies. Stone axes average 1.7 wood per hour. Sometimes it’s less than 1.7. Now click mine to collect in 1 hour. The fishing rod averages five Food per hour. Start by clicking both tools every hour to optimize revenues. We’ll look at ways to avoid clicking every hour.

Food energizes. To use tools or more advanced NFTs, you require Energy, reflecting worker energy. These tools utilize 5 watts per hour, as shown. Food is used for Energy. You can get 25—5 calories per meal with five fishing rod energy. To convert Food to Energy, click Exchange and confirm in your wallet.

Optimizing mechanics

Without Energy, your tools won’t work. Using a membership card saves time.

These cards let you accrue clicks, so you don’t have to click every hour. You can see extra spaces for hours with a silver member card, which you can buy in the Marketplace or make with resources. With three different slots, you can claim awards every 3 hours. Every 2 hours for the bronze card. You can earn Food, wood, or gold rewards depending on the card.

You can use a Wood silver card: Wood silver members can earn 3 hours of stone axe awards, for example. No fishing pole. Food silver members are needed. Member cards offer 24-hour benefits. Farmer coins. Membership cards can be made with these coins. Sixty farmer coins buy you a bronze membership, 120 a silver one. This optimizes your earnings by reinvesting in the game. Cards are 70% wood, 27% food, and 3% gold.

Make NFT with your resources and sell them on the Market

We can see the expense of new tools in the smithy. Membership cards are listed for each tool’s stats and cost (gold and wood).

Gold, wood, and Food are in-game currencies. These three resources are tokens on a secondary market. You can sell and buy them on the secondary market if you require gaming resources.

Go to the Exchange and pay a 5-8 percent commission to withdraw generated resources. So wait till it’s 5% to remove and avoid losing many resources. In the beginning, you can collect wood and exchange it for gold to make new tools and obtain additional resources every day.

To swap tokens, visit Alcor Exchange, a secondary market. Wax DEX works like pancakes were. You can exchange wood for gold to skip extra processes and charges.

Knowing your earnings

There are excellent pages where you may figure out what you can generate daily. Use fw.f12key.XYZ. We enter our wax wallet’s address, then click add and monitor all accounts here.

Below you can see all the information the platform has collected about our tools and the projected daily earnings we’d get at the current pricing of each resource. It’s easy to assess the benefits and calculate an expected ROI, despite the fluctuating prices of these commodities.

Although this is an essential guide, and you can get more information about the game on our website, bear in mind that the ROI or what you earn each day may not seem significant at first. Since the game is more profitable if you spend your initial resources on better tools and member cards, do so. As you earn more each day, consider withdrawing gaming gains.

We hope you now understand how Farmers World works and how to start from 0.


Farmers World is a game that rewards perseverance. Animals, crops, and tools all have cooldown periods, and your characters must also refuel. Because it’s a passive game, you’ll need to put some thought into your strategy to win.

But for players who wish to earn without relying on their expertise, this game might be worth trying.