How to Play DeFi Kingdoms?

Are you new and wondering how to play DeFi Kingdoms? Here this guide is for you with all the information on DeFi Kingdoms to help you get started with the game, and whether DeFi Kingdoms is free for its players!

DeFi Kingdoms is a blockchain-based crypto play-to-earn game built on NFTs and Jewel. The game’s native currency is the Jewel. The local coin Jewel is used for purchasing heroes, summoning heroes, trading for xJewel, and staking. 

DeFi Kingdoms looks to be a pixel RPG classic. Players may invest and earn money while touring the Tavern, Bank, and Garden and speaking with the town crier and other odd NPCs. 

Decentralized finance, known as DeFi, is a sort of fintech that is based on public ledgers that are not owned by a single corporation. Continue reading to know how to play DeFi Kingdoms and what necessary steps you need to take before getting started with it.

How to Play DeFi Kingdoms?

how to play defi kingdoms game

It’s free to get started, but if you want to interact with the blockchain, you’ll have to pay gas fees. The game’s native token, Jewel, is built on the Harmony Protocol blockchain and uses the local currency “One” for all transactions. 

The game begins in the Age of Heroes, with players tasked with collecting Jewels. They reintroduce heroes into the world, who fight corrupted animals and protect their Jewel gardens with extraordinary skills.

Because DeFi Kingdoms is a web-based game, all you need is a suitable browser with the MetaMask extension installed to get started. The DeFi Kingdom’s tutorial will lead you through installing the MetaMask plugin and downloading a compatible browser. The video also includes information on how to buy Harmony One Tokens and their use.

For gas fees and to convert to JEWEL within the game, you’ll also need Harmony One tokens. In general, you’ll need to find an exchange that trades One, such as Binance,, or Kucoin, and then transfer the ONE to your MetaMask wallet.

You’ll be able to play the game once you’ve set up your browser and MetaMask, and you’ve got enough Harmony One in your wallet. You may learn more about the game by taking a tour of the Kingdoms, and you can also go to these papers for in-depth information on a variety of themes.

Getting started with DeFi Kingdoms:

  • Create a MetaMask wallet account, which is essential for gaming.
  • To offset gas fees, put Harmony One tokens in your wallet and exchange them for the in-game currency Jewel.
  • Select Start Playing from the DeFi Kingdom’s website.
  • Select a profile image and give your character a title, for that will be your display. By generating a character, you’re mining an NFT.

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Is DeFi Kingdoms Free to Play?

defi kingdoms free to play

The game is free to get started, you only have to pay the gas fee if you want to engage with the blockchain. As mentioned prior, the game’s native token, Jewel, is built on the Harmony Protocol blockchain and uses the local currency “One” for all transactions. 

You may spend as much or as little as you like while you’re in the game by adding to the liquidity pools in the Marketplace and staking LP Tokens in the Gardens or JEWEL at the Jeweler. 

In the Tavern, you can buy Hero NFTs using JEWEL. They may utilize their Professions to harvest resources, and they can team up with other Heroes to summon more Heroes from the Inner Grove.

How Does Play-to-earn Work with DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms hasn’t released many features yet, but you can start earning crypto right now:

  • With the Trader, you can swap tokens in the game.
  • Earn Jewel or other incentives by staking liquidity provider tokens. Some are immediately harvestable, while the others are buried deep underground in the garden and sealed for a long time based on the blockchain’s pace.
  • Earn prizes by staking Jewel tokens. Jewel is exchanged for xJewel, which increases with time. There are no costs to withdraw or deposit at any time.
  • At the marketplace, you may buy, sell, rent, or breed heroes to sell.
  • Send your heroes on passive quests to win prizes with professions.
  • Land and Building features will be available shortly, enabling users to purchase plots and construct structures on them.

The NFT Platform of DeFi Kingdoms

The NFT Platform of DeFi Kingdoms

Despite this, the game is still in its early stages. There can be typical play-to-earn mechanisms in the future, but there’s not much to be hyped about right now. The following are some of the most notable elements on the roadmap:

  • Heroes are interactive NFTs that may be purchased, traded, or lent out in exchange for JEWEL.
  • Each character has many conventional high-fantasy RPG characteristics, such as stats, levels, and pets.
  • Kingdoms are in-game land plots that players may purchase to boost their staking rewards, grant character bonuses, or produce money.
  • Player Tournaments: Once the game’s universe is complete, the creators hope to release a fighting system that includes betting, leveling, and other RPG-like aspects.


Investing, returns and moonshots are all fun things to do, but putting them all together in a game is much better. It uses blockchain technology to its greatest capacity in the form of a game. It carries out daily objectives and allows players to collect uncommon NFTs, which raise and impact reward and return amounts.

The game requires a MetaMask wallet and the Hero marketplace is open. The game also allows sending NFTs heroes on quests to earn. All in all, the game is all about staking and pooling. Do try your hands on it and explore the benefits of the NFT platform DeFi kingdoms.