How to Organize Board Games?

How to organize board games? Read on to learn more.

If you enjoy playing board games, there is undoubtedly a tonne of them lying around your home. It can be a little difficult to know how to keep board games. Board games, as we all know, are packaged in boxes. Boxes occupy the room. In order to lead a less chaotic life and have a great display of your board game collection, it might be time to learn how to arrange board games.

In this blog, you will find some simple ways to organize your board games.

How to Organize Board Games?

How to Organize Board Games

Board game storage might be a little challenging. Most individuals retain their board games in their boxes and arrange them on a gaming shelf when arranging their collection (either horizontally or vertically). Other options for organizing board games include putting them in drawers or storage containers or removing the contents (like game pieces and meeples) and putting them in baggies. The easiest way to store board games, in my experience, is to stack them Tetris-style on several shelves, mainly vertically but occasionally horizontally. This looks amazing and saves the most space possible.

What is The Best Way to Organize Board Games?

Best Way to Organize Board Games

We can start talking about the best ways to organize board games now that you’ve thought about some of the key topics regarding your board game collection and organization!

#1. Gather All The Games

I scattered board games all throughout the home as I grew my collection. Some of these were in my bedroom, while others were in the cabinet in my basement. They were everywhere around us! I began to consider how I could organize my board games as my collection of board games grew.

All of my board games needed to be in one place, accessible, and attractive. I started gathering all of my stacks of board games by going through my entire home. I gathered them all together in one spot before determining how to arrange my living room’s board games.

#2. Create the Space

I was considering where I should store my board games when I realized I had some racks in my living room that was seldom ever utilized. My new board game shelf would be here when I cleared them off.

It actually depends on the resources and space you have when determining whether to keep your board games on a rack or in designated containers. 

Shelves are the best option if you want to exhibit and showcase your board games. Keeping items in drawers or containers may be beneficial for you if you tend to be a “better unseen” person.

Your interests and the tools you have at home will ultimately determine what you do. Of course, you can go out and get shelving to hang or storage bins.

Some people even prefer to eliminate all the packaging from the scenario and store every game piece in a baggie. These baggies are then kept in containers or even a filing system. Since I prefer to preserve my games in their original boxes with everything intact, I don’t really advise doing this.

You can next pick how you want to arrange or display your board games after deciding where to put them.

#3. Easily Accessible Board Games

I made the decision to use the shelves in my living room to store my games. I positioned my favorite games on the main shelves to ensure that they were simple to get to. These are my “primary” shelves, which are ordinarily at hand- or eye level.

Make sure your go-to games are prominently displayed. Different shelves have different depths. Deep Shelves are excellent since they give you additional storage room for the games at the front and middle. Although they won’t be as apparent or accessible, these games are still present and are stored with the rest of your collection.

Ensure your favorite board games are in the front or on top of any containers or bags you use to store your board games so you can quickly access them. Furthermore, if you have several storage containers, we advise designating one as the “favorites” container and positioning it in the front or on top of the others.

#4. Sorting By Size

I then prefer to arrange them on shelves according to box size. Smaller boxes will follow the same pattern as larger boxes by being placed next to one another.

You might need to test your Tetris prowess to see which configuration will hold the most boxes in one container if you’re storing them in a container.

Ordered alphabetically? You can arrange your board games as you choose, whether it’s alphabetically, by genre, publisher, game type, or even color. The ideal approach to organizing your board games depends entirely on you; choose the ones that, in the words of Marie Kondo, “spark joy”!

#5. Stacking Them Horizontally or Vertically

My preferred method of arranging my board games is to stack them vertically on a gaming shelf. This, in my opinion, is the most attractive method to arrange my board games. Vertical storage, in my opinion, is more aesthetically pleasing.

I can simply remove a board game from a shelf by placing it vertically without having to relocate or take out other games, which frees up more space on my shelf. After playing, I can then put the game back where it belongs. Additionally, vertical storage serves as a “place keeper” for the game, making it even simpler to locate the game and put it back where it belongs.

What is the drawback of vertical storage? I discovered that some of the game boxes were a touch thin and were beginning to open up as I stacked them vertically on my shelf. As a result, some of the box’s parts start to come loose. But I managed to think of a workaround. My dependable rubber bands, which are developed especially for board games, make sure that the game pieces won’t fall out when they open.

You might need to arrange your shelves in Tetris fashion here as well because not all board games are the same size. Store your board games both vertically and horizontally to create a variety. This may make a pretty cool presentation and give you the most storage space for your board games.

Make sure you can see the spines. When presenting your board games, you desire to be able to see the artwork and identify which game is being shown.

How to Store Board Games?

How to Store Board Games

We discussed several suggestions for arranging board games. Now let’s move on to how to store board games of various sizes.

I have a couple of alternative suggestions for how to store smaller board games or card games. If they are all identical sizes, I either pile them all up on my shelf, keep them all in one large box, or even put them in a nice basket that I set on top of or on my shelf next to my larger games.

I can keep all of my little board games in one larger box, which is really simple to take out from my shelf and pick a game from. This larger box may be a shoe box, beautiful cardboard box or basket, or plastic storage container.

How to Get Rid of Any Board Game?

Getting Rid of Any Board Game

Throw away damaged boxes. Although it may be difficult to part with a beloved board game, if the box is torn or damaged, the game will no longer function properly, and, let’s face it, it will look downright ugly.

You can throw away the box and keep the game pieces in a bag instead. Place these bags in a larger box or in a separate area on your shelf or container.

Create more room for your collection if it is expanding, and get rid of the unusable boxes. It’s okay; your board game won’t hate you if you throw away the original box, and putting the game pieces in a bag won’t change how it plays in any way.


You might also decide that it’s time to donate your old board games. It’s okay if you want to get rid of board games that you either don’t like or don’t play very often. The ideal approach for you to make space for newer board games may be to donate a board game to a worthy cause or to somebody who deserves it.

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