How to make Parrots Dance in Minecraft?

How to make parrots dance in Minecraft? Parrots are a type of mob (short for mobile, meaning a moving game object) found in the jungle biomes of Minecraft. They come in five different colors: red, green, blue, cyan, and gray. They can be tamed by giving them seeds or cake, and once tamed, they will mimic the sounds of nearby mobs or players.

In this article, you will learn how to make parrots dance in Minecraft.

How to make Parrots Dance in Minecraft?

How to make Parrots dance in Minecraft

In Minecraft, parrots can be made to “dance” by using a flute, also known as a jukebox, near them. To use a flute, you must first craft one using wooden planks and gold ingots. Once you have a flute, you can place it on the ground and then right-click on it to activate it. When the flute is playing music, any parrots within a certain radius will begin to “dance” by hopping around.

Here’s how to craft a flute:

  1. Open your crafting table.
  2. Place the wooden planks in a square shape in the crafting grid, leaving the center box empty.
  3. Place a gold ingot in the center box.
  4. Drag the flute that appears in the result box to your inventory.

You can also use a note block instead of a jukebox to make the parrot dance.

Check out the video tutorial below

Here’s how to make a note block:

  1. Place Redstone dust on top of any wooden plank.
  2. Drag the Note Block that appears in the result box to your inventory.

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Why won’t my Parrot Dance in Minecraft?

Why won't my parrot dance in Minecraft

In Minecraft, parrots will only dance if they are sitting on the player’s shoulder and if the player is holding music discs or using a jukebox. If you’re trying to make a parrot dance in the game and it’s not working, there are a few things you can check:

  1. Make sure the parrot is sitting on your shoulder: Parrots will only dance when they are perched on the player’s shoulder, so make sure that the parrot is properly sitting on your shoulder before attempting to make it dance.
  2. Hold a music disc: In order to make a parrot dance, the player must be holding a music disc, such as a “cat” or “blocks” disc, or have a jukebox nearby playing music.
  3. Check if the parrot is too far away: Parrots have a minimum distance that they have to be close to the player to be able to be commanded to dance. Make sure the parrot is close enough to the player to hear the music.
  4. Make sure the parrot is not dead: If a parrot is killed, it won’t be able to dance.
  5. Check if the parrot is tamed: Parrots only dance for the player that tamed them. If the parrot is not tamed, it won’t dance for you.
  6. Check if the parrot is too old: Parrots will only dance for a certain period of time after they are tamed. If the parrot is too old, it won’t dance anymore.


Parrots have some unique behaviors in the game. They can perch on the player’s shoulder if the player is standing still, and if the player moves, the parrot will fly along with them. Additionally, if a player is holding a cookie or cake, a nearby parrot will follow the player until they use the cookie or cake.

Parrots can be used to breed when they are tamed, and the baby parrot that is produced will have the same color as one of the parents.

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