How to Make Paper in Minecraft? 2 Simple Steps!!!

How to make paper in Minecraft? Minecraft is an exploration-based game that mainly emphasises crafting; it involves using recipes to create the tools and supplies you’ll need to advance. Although paper may not be very useful on its own, it is a crucial component in the creation of many Minecraft-related things. It is utilised for bookshelves, maps, and other things. Therefore, understanding how to obtain it is crucial.

In this post, you will learn how to make paper in Minecraft.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft?

How to make paper in Minecraft?  You’ll need three objects made of sugar cane, a conventional crafting table, and the necessary component for paper crafting.

Step 1: Find Sugar Cane and Harvest It

Find Sugar Cane and Harvest It

How to make paper in Minecraft?  You cannot craft sugar cane because it is a basic element. You’ll have to find them and harvest them. Sugar cane plants are typically found close to bodies of water. Once you’ve located a tall, green sugar cane plant, you must break it in order to harvest the sugar. As with any other basic ingredient in the world of Minecraft, destroy the sugar cane plant. No specialised tools are required for this. Quickly gather the sugar cane because it will eventually go.

As a general rule, you should always harvest sugar cane when you come upon it. It is a practical object that is utilised as a crafting component in many different recipes.

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Step 2: Crafting Paper

Crafting Paper

How to make paper in Minecraft?  Go to the crafting table and open the crafting menu once you’ve collected three or more Sugar Cane items. Here, a 33-crafting grid is required.

Put the three Sugar Cane items in the crafting grid’s middle row. You can get three Paper items by using three Sugar Cane items. The three Paper goods should be transferred from the crafting menu’s rightmost box to your inventory.

That’s it! In Minecraft, making paper is as easy as pie.

Check out the video tutorial below


As you can see, paper is important in the Minecraft universe. It is used to make a variety of objects, from empty maps to scrolls for conjuring Golem hordes to defend you from rivals. Crafting paper is a vital part of playing Minecraft.

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