How to make Gray Dye in Minecraft?

How to make Gray Dye in Minecraft? In Minecraft dye is the crafting option that will help you to recolor many items. Players can craft 16 combinations of dye with White Dye. Creating Gray Dye is no different than crafting light Blue Dye. You need to mix black and white to make 2 gray dyes. 

Players can create gray dye by combining an ink sac and 1 bone meal in the Minecraft crafting table. As other dyes are used for coloring different items, this gray dye is used by players to re-color sheep. This can come in use if you want a supply of a particular color of wool.

How to make Gray Dye in Minecraft?

How to make Gray Dye in Minecraft

To make a Gray Dye you need to have one White and one Black Dye. You can obtain the 3 white dyes from one bone of the skeleton. You will be able to see these skeletons at night in the game. A black dye can be obtained from squid.

Given below are the steps on how to make gray dye in Minecraft:

Step 1: Find a squid from any biome and kill it to get its ink sac.

Step 2: Make one black dye from one ink sac.

Step 3: Find a skeleton and kill it to get its bones.

Step 4: Make skeleton bones into bone meal.

Step 5: From bone meal craft white dye.

Step 6: At last, combine a white bye and a black dye to craft your gray dye.

Now on any dyeable item, press the use key to use the gray dye that you crafted.

To dye sheep, you need to get a piece of Gray Dye in your hand and right-click on the sheep. The wool of sheep will automatically turn gray. Also, you can re-color tamed wolf collars gray by following the same step. 

Sometimes you can see wandering traders will sell gray dye for an emerald. If you come across such traders, you will purchase the gray dye by giving them emeralds.

Check out the video tutorial below

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What flower makes Gray Dye in Minecraft?

What flower makes Gray Dye in Minecraft

You can craft a gray dye using one white tulip, azure bluet, or oxeye daisy in Minecraft. 

What is the fastest way to make Gray Dye in Minecraft?

The fastest way to craft a gray dye is to combine one ink sac and one bone meal on the crafting table. 

Can you make light Gray Dye in Minecraft?

To make a light gray dye you can combine gray dye with bone meal.


Now dyeing different items in Minecraft will be more fun. You can make your own gray dye by collecting a few items and you will be ready to dye the items that you want. You can even craft different color dyes, so don’t let your thirst stop you here. Find out more with your friends. 

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