How to make a Minecraft Server without Port Forwarding or Hamachi?

How to make a Minecraft server without port forwarding or Hamachi?  If you’re a Minecraft enthusiast, you may have considered setting up your own server to play with friends or the wider community. However, the traditional methods of hosting a Minecraft server – port forwarding, or Hamachi can be complicated and intimidating for beginners. Read on to learn how to make a Minecraft server without port forwarding or Hamachi.

How to make a Minecraft Server without Port Forwarding or Hamachi?

Minecraft Server without Port Forwarding or Hamachi

Do you want to know how to make a Minecraft server without port forwarding or Hamachi? Check out the simple steps below:

How to create a Minecraft Server without Hamachi?

Step 1: Create a new folder called “Minecraft.” Create a new folder in this folder and name it “Servers,” then under the “Servers” folder, create a new folder and name it anything you want your server to be called. Create a file called “” in the previously named folder.

Step 2: Open the file in Notepad by right-clicking it and selecting Open With… Choose Notepad from the programme list on the screen. Insert these lines exactly as typed into your server’ file! Your server will not function if any of the lines contain errors.

#Minecraft server properties










level-seed=-7460029247852292661 port=25565 server-port=25565  max-players=20

Step 3: The file should be saved as “” You do NOT need to make ANY modifications to it after saving! If you don’t have a line that reads ‘port,’ simply copy/paste this one: port: 25565

Step 4: Copy this code into a new notepad document and save it as “run.bat.”

@echo off

java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui pause

Step 5: To launch your server, double-click the run file! You will very certainly see an error message that reads something like ‘A needed parameter was not found or is in use by another process’ or something along those lines. To resolve this issue, locate the line in the run file that says ‘pause,’ delete it, and retype it exactly as follows:

@echo off

java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

Step 6: Start your Minecraft game, go to multiplayer, and select directly connect; the IP address you see there should be the one you want to type into your other Hamachi accounts.

How to create a Minecraft Server without Port Forwarding?

How to create a Minecraft Server without Port forwarding

Step 1: Disable port forwarding and delete any Minecraft shortcuts if you have them enabled.

Step 2: Create a new.bat file similar to Step 5 above, but delete the pause at the conclusion of the batch file. (This will cause issues later on)

Step 3: Open your control panel, navigate to system and security, then administrative tools, and finally services. Once in Services, locate “IPSEC Service” and set it to Manual before starting the service. Return to services and look for “QoS Packet Scheduler.” Set this to Automatic (Delayed Start), and if it isn’t already in the list, click Add, then choose it from the list that displays after searching for it. Set it to automatic and restart the service.

Step 4: Once you’ve completed all of this, restart your computer and re-open Minecraft! If the problem persists, try a different.bat file or set “IPSEC Service” to automatic rather than the delayed start.


We hope that our steps on how to make a Minecraft server without port forwarding or Hamachi will help you fix your problem. Stay tuned for more articles on Minecraft.


How do I host a Minecraft server without Hamachi? 

To host a Minecraft server without Hamachi, you can use port forwarding on your router to allow external players to connect directly to your server. Alternatively, you can use a third-party hosting service to host your server.

How to make a modded Minecraft server Hamachi?

To make a modded Minecraft server using Hamachi, you would first need to install the mods on your Minecraft client and then install them on your server. Once that’s done, you can create a network on Hamachi and have your friends join the network to connect to your modded server.

Why is my Minecraft LAN connection timed out Hamachi?

If your Minecraft LAN connection using Hamachi is timing out, it could be due to several reasons such as incorrect Hamachi network settings, issues with the firewall, or a problem with the Minecraft client itself. Troubleshooting steps would depend on the specific cause of the issue.

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