How to make a Minecraft Middle Eastern House? [7 Simple Steps]

How to make a Minecraft middle eastern house? Construction in the Middle Eastern style is simple, especially for standard houses. Buildings are frequently square or rectangular, and rooftops are almost usually flat. The buildings are constructed entirely of two varieties of sandstone (normal and smooth), with only a few extra blocks used to provide details and adornment.

In addition to ordinary dwellings, communities and cities in the Middle East feature towers, domes, temples, and other structures that may pose a minor obstacle due to their circular designs. The towers are rather simple to construct, however, the domes on some rooftops and temples can be difficult to construct, especially on smaller buildings, as they frequently appear weird.

How to make a Minecraft Middle Eastern House?

Minecraft middle eastern house

How to make a Minecraft middle eastern house? Here are the steps:

  1. Choose a location: Select a suitable location for your Middle Eastern house in Minecraft. You might want to consider a desert biome or a savanna biome to fit the theme.
  2. Gather materials: Gather the materials you will need for your build. You can use materials like sandstone, red sandstone, terracotta, and bricks to give your house an authentic Middle Eastern look.
  3. Create a base: Begin by creating a base for your house using blocks like sandstone or cobblestone. You can use any shape you like, but a rectangular shape is common for Middle Eastern houses.
  4. Build the walls: Once you have created the base, start building the walls. Use blocks like sandstone or terracotta to create the walls, and use stairs or slabs to add texture and depth.
  5. Add windows and doors: Add windows and doors to your Middle Eastern house. Use wooden doors and glass panes for the windows, and add shutters or awnings for decoration.
  6. Create a roof: Create a flat roof for your Middle Eastern house using sandstone slabs or stairs. You can also add domes or other decorative features to the roof if you like.
  7. Decorate: Finally, add decorative elements to your house. You can use banners, flower pots, carpets, and other blocks to add color and detail to your build.


Remember that paying attention to the details is the key to creating a fantastic Minecraft Middle Eastern house. Draw cues from real-life Middle Eastern architecture and attempt to incorporate as many authentic aspects as feasible.

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