How to make a Heart in Minecraft?

How to make a Heart in Minecraft? In Minecraft, you can create a heart that you can use as a giant statue to give a symbol to your village. Minecraft offers versatility to the player and encourages them to try every possibility. 

You will require wool blocks of your choice color and carefully make the heart blocks by blocks. So we can start by collecting 3 types of wool: black, red, and white wool. These are the only items that you require to craft a heart of your desire.

There is no limit to your creativity in the Minecraft world. You can craft anything you want, the possibilities are endless and you should explore each and everything to gain a new experience. It becomes fun and adventurous at the same time.

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How to make a Heart in Minecraft?

How to make a Heart in Minecraft

Given below are the steps on how to make a heart in Minecraft:

Step 1: Choose the place where you want to place the heart. Also, you have to decide how big you want your heart to be.

Step 2: So you start making your heart by placing 2 back wool blocks in the center.

Step 3: Place 4 black blocks diagonally on the right side moving upwards.

Step 4: Now repeat the same step by placing 4 black blocks on the left side.

Step 5: Place 4 red wool blocks diagonally going upwards on top of the black wool blocks that you have placed before.

Step 6: Do the same steps on both sides.

Step 7: Add 2 red wool blocks on the top corner of the black wool block. Do the same thing for the other side.

Step 8: Join the 2 red wool blocks that you placed next to 2 black wool blocks and repeat the step on both sides.

Step 9: Raise a tower of 4 red wool blocks on top of the black wool block that is at the outermost and join it with 4 black wool blocks right next to it. Complete it by placing a solitary black wool block on top of the red block. Now repeat the same process on both sides.

Step 10: Now create a line of 3 red wool blocks towards the inner side of the figure. Start from the highest-placed black wool block. Place another 3 black blocks on top of 3 red wool blocks.

Step 11: In front of the red blocks place 3 block lines with one black wool block. Repeat on both sides of the structure. 

Step 12: Place a red block under any of the black blocks in the center to give a finishing touch and join them by placing 2 black blocks underneath.

You are finished with your structure, all you are left with is to fill the middle part with red wool blacks and add 2 white wool blocks in the upper corners and that is how you make a heart in Minecraft.


Now you have learned how to make a heart, you can place your heart anywhere you want. Give your village an identity by adding a heart to your place and share these ideas with your friends. Create your own magical experience by creating a heart.

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