How to make a Garden in Minecraft?

How to make a garden in Minecraft? Apart from hunting for resources and fighting for survival, you can do several other things as well in the world of Minecraft. Like gardening, it is a very relaxing activity to perform which will help you showcase your creative skills. Also, you can grow food items that can be used for trading purposes and as a source of food. So to obtain all these benefits, you need to make a garden. Here’s a quick guide on how to make a garden in Minecraft. 

How to make a Garden in Minecraft?

How to make a Garden in Minecraft

It’s very simple to make a garden in Minecraft, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: You have to first decide on a suitable location where you want to build your garden. How are you going to do that? Check a few factors like, whether the area is getting proper sunlight, nearby water sources, and the overall terrain of the area.

Step 2: Once you are done deciding the location, use a shovel or any other available tool to clear your garden area, remove grasses or any other obstacles, and also if the ground is uneven try to level it. This will allow you to get a better base to start your gardening.

Step 3: Now you need to prepare the soil for the seeds. To do that you need to use a hoe, it will help you till the soil. This creates rows of dirt blocks that are ready for planting.

Step 4: The best part is here, you can choose any type of plant that you want to grow, find the seeds and use your hands to plant the seeds in the tilled soil, to get better results. 

Step 5: From a nearby water source collect the water in a bucket and water your garden. This will help your plants grow faster.

Step 6: You can harvest the crop after a few days (in-game time). All you need to do is use a tool to break the fully grown plants and collect the harvest.

Additionally, you can also add decorative elements to your garden such as lighting, and fences, this will make it look more visually appealing. 


Now you know how to make a garden in Minecraft, so try making your own garden in the game and show your creative skills. This will help you relax and allow you to get yourself some time away from all the flights and hunting activities.  

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What dirt do you use to make a garden in Minecraft?

There are different types of dirt blocks that you can use in your garden like the standard Dirt block, Coarse Dirt, or Podzol. You can easily find these blocks in most biomes, including plains, forests, and savannas.

Now you need to prepare the soil for planting, you can simply use a hoe tool to till the dirt. This will turn the dirt into a block of tilled soil, which becomes perfect for planting crops or flowers. Also, you can revert back the tilled soil blocks to regular dirt blocks by simply right-clicking them with a shovel.

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