How to make a Fridge in Minecraft?

How to make a fridge in Minecraft? A fridge is a nice decorative item in Minecraft. The player can add finishing touches to their Minecraft house by adding a fridge. It works for storing food items too. 

Minecraft allows the player to do anything and create anything they want. It is a visualization sim. If you visualize something in Minecraft, you can build it as well. For example, the player has finished making a new house, and now he/she wants to add a few essential items, the player can build it and add it as per their convenience. 

What do you want in a Minecraft kitchen? A table, sink, chairs, how about a working fridge that will help you store food? You can easily make a fridge in Minecraft, it’s pretty straightforward steps that you need to follow.

How to make a Fridge in Minecraft?

How to make a Fridge in Minecraft 2023

To make a fridge in Minecraft you need to have a few essential items such as a block of quartz, a stone button, a dispenser, and an iron door to build a nice working fridge. 

You also have a choice to make a single fridge or you can even combine the fridge with other items to convert it into a sink or a shelf.

All the items that are needed to build the fridge in Minecraft are easy to find and craft. You won’t face any issues while accumulating resources for a fridge, but you need to follow a few crucial steps:

Step 1: Equip the block of quartz and place a pillar of 2 blocks. Keep in mind where you want to keep your fridge there you have put these blocks. 

Step 2: You need to place a dispenser by removing the bottom blocks.

Step 3: Now place the iron door in front of the 2 blocks. For that, you need to jump to the top of the upper block and face down that way you will be able to place the iron door correctly.

Step 4: The final step is to place the stone button that you will have on top of the Minecraft fridge.


In Minecraft even building a fridge can be an exciting task and can add a new look to the kitchen setup. You can flaunt your decorative piece in front of friends and can even help them to create their fridge in Minecraft. 

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How do I put food in the fridge Minecraft?

Once you are done making the fridge you can press the stone button and open it, now place all the food items inside the dispenser. You can sort your food as per your need and to get back you have to press the stone button again. Whenever you press the stone button, random bits of food will be pushed out of the dispenser

How do you make a dispenser fridge in Minecraft?

You have to remove the bottom blocks then only you can add a dispenser in your Minecraft fridge.