How to make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft?

How to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft? Bubble elevators are one of the coolest things in the game, players can use them to transport items vertically within a building or structure. That saves time and effort as you don’t need to climb stairs again and again to transport items. Here’s a quick guide for you.

How to make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft?

How to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft

Here’s how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft, just follow these few simple steps and you can create your own bubble elevator. 

Step 1: First thing first you need to choose a location for your bubble elevator. Make sure it’s a location where you have enough space to build vertically.

Step 2: Gather materials that you will be needing to build the bubble elevator such as cobblestone, wooden planks, glass, and Redstone dust.

Step 3: Now build the shaft of the elevator by placing blocks vertically. The shaft should be at least three blocks wide and tall enough to reach the desired height.

Step 4: Fill the sides of the shaft with glass blocks or glass panes. This will create a “bubble” effect and allow you to see the surroundings as you travel up and down the elevator.

Step 5: To make the elevator move, you’ll need to add a Redstone mechanism. You can use Redstone dust to connect wooden pressure plates to pistons. Place the wooden pressure plates at the top and bottom of the elevator shaft, and connect them to pistons with Redstone dust.

Step 6: To power the Redstone mechanism, you’ll need to add a Redstone torch, a button, or a lever. Place it near the bottom of the elevator shaft and connect it to the Redstone dust.

Step 7: Test the elevator: Once the Redstone mechanism is set up, test the elevator by stepping on the wooden pressure plate at the bottom of the shaft. The pistons should push the elevator up, and when you step off, the pistons should pull it back down.

And that’s it! With these steps, you’ll be able to create a functional bubble elevator in Minecraft. 

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Now you know how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft. So no more wasting time and effort, you can move items with ease. Try out creating more items that can help you in the game and will also make your gaming session more exciting and fun. 

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How do you make a bubble elevator with magma blocks in Minecraft?

To make a bubble elevator with magma blocks all you need to do is make your bubble elevator two blocks wide and then place a magma block. Also, place a soul sand block at the bottom. Now you can simply jump into the magma bubbles to move down and into the soul sand bubbles to move up.