How To Join Mafia in Bitlife?

How to join Mafia in Bitlife? Read on to learn how. 

It’s time to get down and dirty in BitLife by joining the mob. If you choose this life, you best be prepared to commit some horrible crimes since the families won’t be impressed unless you bring home a few dead. If you work hard enough, you can advance through the mafia’s ranks and finally take the top spot.

Players in BitLife are free to pursue any profession they can think of, even joining a gang. How to join Mafia in Bitlife? Read the post till the understand to get the process properly.

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How To Join Mafia in Bitlife?

How To Join Mafia in Bitlife

How to join Mafia in Bitlife? Follow the steps below to become a Mafia in Bitlife:

  • You can select a male or female character, and if you have God Mode, you should choose Crime as your Special Talent and increase your attribute values. If not, just pick a character; don’t worry too much about stats, as they shouldn’t really matter.
  • You can commit crimes before turning 18, but they tend to be minor offences that the mafia doesn’t appear to take much notice of. Just turning 18 and committing more serious crimes is simpler. You should commit crimes like train robberies, bank robberies, burglaries, and Grand Theft Auto. Before attempting to enter the mob, you must successfully finish one or more of these at least twice. Simply close the application before closing the window that informs you of the crime’s outcome if you are detected.
  • To find Special Careers, select the Occupation menu and scroll to the bottom of the list. Choose that choice, then Organized Crime, and finally, the family you want to join. Which option you choose should not matter; it is entirely up to you. You will have a choice of approaches; however, that choice shouldn’t really matter. They ought to offer you a job in the family if your misdeeds were noteworthy enough. If not, entirely exit the application and commit one or more additional crimes.

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  • If you try again, you should finally join the mafia! You’ll want to commit additional crimes once you’ve joined your family. You will climb the mob ladder with the aid of this. With the addition of the Extortion option, you can now do them from the Occupation menu. This enables you to pester companies for cash. They will be more frightened of you as your reputation grows. You will be required to contribute the money when you score. The family should receive the entire sum of money, but if you truly need some cash, you can give them only half.
  • Murder is the quickest way to become famous. Although it’s not an option in the Occupation menu, you can still use this option while extorting individuals. If you select “whack,” you will execute them in a unique method. You won’t receive any money, though. Therefore, use a combination of shaking and whacking to improve your reputation and status within your family. In general, it’s advisable to reserve killing for those who don’t fear you.
  • Maintain a good reputation by engaging in at least a few extortions annually. As you become older, you’ll be instructed to smack individuals, which will eventually lead to you swearing allegiance to the family. If you continue doing this, you will advance through the ranks and eventually become a godfather.

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How To Join Mafia in Bitlife


Now that you have learned how to join Mafia in Bitlife, it’s time to do some crime. Start the game and follow our steps to enjoy the Mafia life.

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