How to increase FP in Elden Ring?

How to increase FP in Elden Ring? If you’ve played enough games from FromSoft, you’ll be familiar with the blue bar between your health and stamina. You probably need to give this bar more thought, but in Elden Ring, it plays a far more significant role than you realize. The foundation of all your magical and skilled abilities is FP. Therefore, having a shallow FP bar will severely limit your powers.

Your FP can be increased in several ways, and not all are long-lasting. For example, the Mind attribute can be developed; talismans used to increase FP, sure Crystal Tears located to improve the Physick, and items used to reduce FP consumption acquired. All of these are crucial, especially if your character is a Mage. Read about it in this article.

How to increase FP in Elden Ring?

How to increase FP Elden Ring

Your FP is crucial in this game because you’ll use it more than in any other FromSoft title. Unfortunately, increasing FP is possible in only four methods, some of which are temporary. So make sure you’re doing something different than squandering those consumables by saving them for something less crucial. The quickest and most straightforward approaches to boosting your FP are as follows:

1) Enhance your Mind attribute

The Mind attribute significantly impacts the FP stat, which is synonymous with the MP or Mana stats in other games. A character’s concentration pool and the number of spells they can cast before needing a recharge increase proportionally as they gain more points in Mind. Additionally, it affects the Focus Body Stat, which fortifies the character against the debilitating effects of Sleep and Madness.

Particular spells require a high Mind level, and summoning consumes a certain number of FP. Be careful not to over-focus on boosting just one statistic, though. Always prepare for a confrontation, and remember to keep your bar stocked. The greater your Mind level, the less often you’ll have to restock your bar.

2) Use Talismans that increase your FP 

Numerous FP Talismans exist to aid you in your travels. Remember that you may only equip a maximum of four Talismans at once. Make an effort to figure out which Talismans will best complement your character. For example, if you take a lot of damage, you don’t want Talismans that reduce other stats to improve your Mind.

Make sure you’re using the Talismans that grant all boosts if you don’t want to suffer any penalties. The most excellent strategy is to center your entire build around FP to maximize your potential.

3) Locate the Physick-appropriate Crystal Tears

There is a flask out there called the Flask of Wonderous Physick if this is the first time you have found it. Like the other flasks you own, this one may be personalized with trinkets you collect on your travels. Therefore, it’s crucial to have an additional flask on hand at all times, and the Crystal Tears can be used to make this one uniquely yours.

There is a crystal that prevents your FP from draining for 15 seconds and another that fills half your FP bar. You need only track down two of them to stock the entire bar with one variety of beverages. You’ll need to carefully plan how to use your one drink per rest of your flask. If you want to personalize your flask, do so with caution.

4) Make use of items that lessen your need for FP

Talismans are only one of several products that can help you conserve your precious flasks of FP for longer. One of the Crystal Tears for the Physick Flask was previously stated. The best item in the game is a Talisman that cuts FP consumption by 20%. The giant in front of Caria Manor sells it.

You can buy it from him for 5,000 Runes after defeating two major bosses you will encounter after completing the main storyline. That is a wise investment. These are your best bets if you’re consuming too much FP at once. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other products that help minimize FP usage.

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What stat increases FP in the Elden Ring?

What stat increases FP in the Elden Ring

Increasing a character’s Maximum FP in this way is called an intrinsic increase, and it can be achieved by allocating experience points to the Mind stat. Players can use Runes to increase their level in Mind, one of the eight Main Attributes. After your initial contact with Melina in the game’s early goings, you’ll be able to advance in level.


If you want to cast spells, focusing on gaining FP is essential, as mentioned. If you follow the steps above, you’ll have more FP to spend on spells to defeat your foes. Achieving a lot of FP in the Elden Ring can also be accomplished by eliminating enemy groups or killing influential individuals.

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