How to increase equip load Elden Ring?

How to increase equip load Elden Ring? Whether in the Early Game or the Late Game of Elden Ring, you should constantly increase your Equip Load. It’s a critical stat that affects how you do against the game’s many foes. This calculation determines how quickly your character rolls and their stamina returns to full strength. Here is the instruction to learn how to maximize your Equip Load in Elden Ring.

The maximum load of an equipped ring can be raised by following these steps.

How to increase equip load Elden Ring?

How to increase equip load Elden Ring

In the Elden Ring, there are two methods to raise your Equip Load.

Improve Your Stamina

Talismanic Practices

  • Great-Jar’s Arsenal
  • Arsenal Charm
  • Erdtree’s Favor

Let’s compare the two approaches and see which works better.

Optimal Strategies for Improving Stamina

  • It’s simple to raise your character’s stamina.
  • Do away with foes and stock up on Runes.
  • As soon as you have amassed enough Runes to advance in level, head to a place of grace.
  • Relax and pick an advancement in level.
  • Raise your Endurance right now.

Talismans can be used in the Elden Ring to raise your Equip Load.

You can enhance your stats by equipping one of Elden Ring’s many Talismans. The maximum equip load can be raised with the help of the three talismans listed below.

The Weapons of Great-Jar

This Talisman is awarded to those who complete the Great Jar’s Trail. Grace’s cabin may be found north of the Colosseum, so a quick trip there would be in order. If you speak with the Great-Jar, three red summon signs will appear down the road you just came from.

Bring them all into play and wipe the floor without losing a single life or accessing any grace sites. The Great-Arsenal Jar’s Talisman can be obtained by speaking with it after you have defeated the three summons.

Gunslinger Appeal

  • This item can be obtained by completing the quest chain set forth by Nepheli.
  • Locate her in a chamber to the east of the Secluded cell.
  • Dialogue with her until you’re both exhausted.
  • Then, you can decide whether or not to call on her to help you battle Godrick the Grafted. Although, this is not required.

Slay Godrick the Grafted.

  • Visit the Roundtable meeting.
  • Get in touch with Gideon Ofnir first.
  • The Arsenal Charm Talisman can then be obtained by speaking with Nepheli. If she isn’t there, quickly go to Godrick’s grace spot and back to check on her appearance.

The Favour of Erdtree

  • Visit the holy ground known as the Stranded Graveyard.
  • Then, unlock the Keystones with two Stonesword Keys.
  • Going further down, you’ll eventually come across a bridge-like walkway. While descending, be wary of the wheel trap and the creatures that may try to attack you.
  • Instead of crossing the bridge into the area, drop or jump down.

Again, it’s best to stick to the basics. You have the option of engaging the foes in combat or escaping. While you may try to outrun the gunfire, eliminating them is safer. You can guarantee that these foes will chase after you if you run past them.

Proceed around the building that was firing at you. Erdtree’s Favor Talisman may be found at the end of a bridge-like route once you’ve reached down. Immediately after grabbing the Talisman, cross the bridge and turn left to avoid the Grafted Scion.

If we had to choose one Talisman out of the three, it would be Great-Arsenal Jar’s Talisman. Because it gives you the most gain in equipped load out of the three.

Everything you need to know about boosting your equip load in the Elden Ring has finally been revealed. With your newfound proficiency in Equip Load, your next goal should be to understand how to maximize your arrow and bolt damage. If you need assistance with any other aspect of the Elden Ring, check our instructions.

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How to lower the equip load in the Elden Ring?

How to lower the equip load in the Elden Ring

You have learned how to increase equip load Elden Ring. Inexperienced players have a severe problem with fat rolling. Earlier, we mentioned that there are only five simple techniques to end fat rolling. Even while it may be challenging to pull off some of them, the result will be worth it if it means you can avoid getting hit as often or as hard by your adversaries.

If you choose a starting class that fat rolls by default, like the Vagabond, you will need to stick to the first or even a few steps to have an easier time throughout the game. After a while, you’ll learn that, barring the rare boss encounter, it’s better to avoid danger than to lug around a tonne of heavy armor.

You don’t have to implement all five strategies to prevent your character from fat rolling. Sometimes you won’t be able to switch up your armor set because it is required for your class. How you play the game is entirely up to you and whatever kind of play you find most enjoyable.

If you want to avoid the fat rolls, here are the five most effective strategies for Elden Ring:

Remove some of your armor

Reducing your armor level is the most straightforward approach to halt fat rolling. The Vagabond represents the most typical example. To get the most out of your rolls, you’ll need to remove your helmet, although the quality of your armor is such that you won’t feel much of a difference. Be mindful of the weight when carrying certain sets of armor.

It would help if you used heavy armor only after you have exhausted the other options for dealing with fat rolling. In isolation, each technique is helpful, but when combined, they allow the user to roll exceedingly quickly and avoid practically any danger.

Put more points into your Endurance attribute.

Possessing a high level of stamina is essential. Most people prioritize health but often overlook the value of Endurance. It raises your Stamina and the maximum weight you can carry, letting you store more items.

Keeping your Health and Endurance at parity is a good idea if you want to conserve your Stamina effectively. If you wish to employ a good suit of armor without constantly being hampered by your lack of stamina, you should put as much effort into Endurance as you do Strength.

Rely on the Great-Arsenal Jar’s or the Arsenal Charm

To carry a lot of gear, you’ll need two specific Talismans. Two of the most valuable talismans are the Arsenal Charm and the Great-Arsenal Jar, which add to your existing equipment inventory. The first one boosts it by 8%, while the second one provides an additional 19%. There’s no way to stack them, but they’re all equally important.

Lighten up your armor set and go unarmed

If you don’t want to be burdened by your gear, wearing a lighter piece of armor is essential. If you can, maintain a medium load on your machinery, and you shouldn’t have any problems. If you go over the medium load, keep it there and don’t allow it to get too heavy. It is not a good idea to be in the position of carrying a heavy load.

If you can’t find a lighter suit of armor, consider removing some components like in option 1. To find the optimal combination for your gear, it’s OK to switch around your armor components. Make sure you have good rolling skills, and you should be fine.

Removing unneeded equipment 

Using up all available equipment slots at once is a standard rookie error. While you have the option to equip up to eight pieces of gear at once, doing so is not recommended. Because of the limited inventory capacity, you should only immediately equip the pieces you intend to utilize.


How to increase equip load Elden Ring? Numerous FromSoftware games like Souls, Elden Ring, emphasize equipment and the burden of carrying it. It’s not just limited to weapons; armor can have just as big of an impact on a player’s mobility.

Running speed and sprinting speed is unaffected by equipment weight. However, rolling speed and distance are affected. The ratio of the current equipment load to the maximum equipment load should be kept in mind at all times. Stay there for new content like this.