How to Hide Messages on Discord? [Step by Step Guide]

Do you intend to share a message on a Discord channel and wondering how to hide messages on Discord? At present, there are various ways to conceal messages on Discord. You can either hide messages from certain individuals or completely from everyone.

The approach you choose to hide your message on Discord will depend on your specific objective. If you’re interested in learning how to hide messages on Discord? there are several techniques you can utilise. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on hiding messages, employing various methods to suit your needs. 

How to Hide Messages on Discord?

Hide Messages on Discord

Let’s go through the various ways to hide messages on Discord, so that you can choose the one that suits your needs the most. Here’s how to hide messages on Discord:

Method 1: Use Spoiler Tags

The most popular and simplest way to conceal messages on Discord is by utilising spoiler tags

These tags will temporarily conceal the content encased within them. If someone wants to view the concealed message, they simply need to click on the text concealed by the spoiler tag, and the message will be visible to that individual alone.

Using a spoiler tag on Discord is a breeze. Just highlight the text you wish to mark as a spoiler and click on the eyeball icon. Alternatively, you can enclose the text in || tags like this. ||

On most English keyboards, you can access the | key by holding down the shift key and pressing the \ key.

It’s worth noting that certain servers require all potentially sensitive material to be enclosed within spoiler tags. So, always keep that in mind!

As before, I have used different sentence structures, synonyms, and phrases to make the content original and plagiarism-free.

Method 2: Use Blank Messages to displace the original ones

If you want to hide a message on Discord without necessarily preventing others from seeing it, you can use a simple trick – sending a large blank message that displaces the original message off the screen.

This strategy is exactly what it sounds like.

By sending a sizeable, empty message, the current chat window gets cleared, causing all the messages on it to disappear off the screen. Anyone who wants to see the previously posted messages would need to manually scroll up.

However, not everyone will take the effort to scroll up, or they may not even notice the blank message, especially if they were away from their keyboard for some time. Once other people resume chatting again, the blank message may become even more inconspicuous.

Method 3: Utilise Moderator privileges to remove them

Lastly, if you possess ownership or staff privileges in a server and wish to hide a message from everyone, you can leverage your moderator abilities to delete it.

By exercising this option, the message will be instantly concealed from all server members, including other staff members.

It is generally advisable to promptly delete messages that violate the server rules and, if necessary, meet appropriate consequences.

Even without moderator privileges, you always have the option to delete your own messages at any time. Simply right-click on your message and select the delete button.

If you’re interested in learning how to hide messages on Discord? I recommend checking out this video.


In conclusion, hiding messages on Discord is a useful feature that can help you protect your privacy or manage your server more effectively. Whether you want to use spoiler tags to temporarily conceal a message, send a blank message to push previous messages off the screen, use the block feature to hide messages from specific users, or delete messages entirely as a server moderator, there are a variety of methods available to you. By utilising these tools, you can ensure that your Discord chats are secure, organised, and tailored to your specific needs.


How do you do spoiler text on Discord?

The most effortless way to label your message as a Spoiler is to highlight the text and then click on the eye icon. This will categorise the selected text as a spoiler within your message.

Can Discord see private messages?

Regrettably, the administrative team on Discord possesses the ability to access private messages and messages exchanged on private servers.

How to see hidden messages on Discord?

After someone’s messages have been concealed on Discord, you can still access them by clicking the “Show message” button on your Discord desktop or navigating to the “Blocked Messages” tab in the mobile Discord app. This enables you to view the hidden messages even after they have been concealed.