How to hide Helmet in Elden Ring?

How to hide Helmet in Elden Ring? The action role-playing game Elden Ring features numerous challenging battles and boss fights. Consequently, it would help if you acquired the finest Armor available as soon as possible. All your equipment, from chest pieces to gloves to Helmets, will be of the highest quality. In this game, you can find armor pieces that are so massive that they encase your character entirely. Is There Any Way to View the Face of the Character? How to hide Helmet Elden Ring?  This tutorial helps answer some of your questions.

How to hide Helmet in Elden Ring?

How to hide Helmet Elden Ring

How to hide Helmet in Elden Ring? In the Status menu of Elden Ring, there is an option to conceal your Helmet. To make your Status invisible, open it and use the Square or X button. However, your Helmet will still be visible while you play with this setting. In reality, all you’re doing is gaining access to your avatar’s head and face.

As disappointing as it may be, the quick answer is no, headwear cannot be concealed in the manner you might imagine. You must take it off to avoid having your Helmet appear in the game. If the Helmet isn’t physically attached to the character, it can’t be hidden from view while still providing protection.

This is different from the response you were hoping for, but it is the only one Elden Ring offers. You won’t lose much of your absorption stat if you take off your Helmet, but if you’re facing a particularly challenging monster, you might decide to put it back on for the duration of the fight.

Contrary to popular belief, your absorption stat is distinct from your defense. As opposed to reason, which is related to the Armor itself, the character’s security determines how much damage the character takes. The player base won’t miss the lack of a hidden Helmet option, given the general vibe of FromSoftware games. It is common for some invaders to go unarmored while running amok.

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Does the Elden Ring allow hiding the Helmet?

Does the Elden Ring allow hiding the Helmet

A subset of role-playing game players has a solid aversion to head protection. After all, why bother with a sophisticated character-cheating suit if you’re going to throw some metal at it? Even though “Fashion Souls” exist, no hide Helmet is available, and Elden Ring doesn’t care about your feelings.

Before doing anything else, you can cover up your headgear on the status screen. It could have been a better situation. But it’s there if you want to show off your numbers or investigate whether your Tarnished looks Off. That’s certainly possible. Oddly, Elden Ring’s weirdest choice can only be found right here.

In addition, if you’re playing Elden Ring on a personal computer, you can use add-ons or mods. The mod is strange, and users are warned that using it while playing online may result in a ban. If you’re not online, you can download Vawser’s Phantasmal Armor mod from Nexus and put it to good use. This provides you with consumable items that may be used on your Helmet and Armor to render them invisible, providing you the transmogrification option you’ve been craving. However, you will need to reapply if you die. Thus this mod is not recommended for use in a multiplayer setting.


This concludes our discussion on how to hide Helmet in Elden Ring. To FromSoftware’s already impressive library, they’ve recently added Elden Ring. Rather than following in Dark Souls’ violent footsteps, it creates its own in a more open-world setting. Despite their lasting popularity, these games are often criticized for needing simpler for modern audiences to enjoy. This post already explains how to hide your character’s Helmet if that’s anything you’re concerned about. The time you spent here is greatly appreciated.

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Can you really hide the Helmet in the Elden Ring?

In a nutshell, no, you can’t conceal your Helmet in the manner in which you may assume. Taking it off is the only reliable way to hide your Helmet while you play. Otherwise, the character’s head wouldn’t be protected by the Helmet even if it were hidden from view.

How to hide hood Elden Ring?

Within the Status menu of the Elden Ring, there is a choice to conceal your Helmet. Once you have opened up your Status, you can conceal it by pressing the Square or X button.