How to grow Glow Berries in Minecraft?

How to grow Glow Berries in Minecraft? Glow berries are a unique type of food in the world of Minecraft. As its name suggests, it glows, providing light, and also refills your hunger bar at the same time.

You can grow the glowing berries by simply placing them on the bottom of the hanging block, after which the vines will appear and you will get your glow berries. Here’s a quick guide on how to grow glow berries in Minecraft.

How to grow Glow Berries in Minecraft? 

How to grow Glow Berries in Minecraft

To grow glow berries in the game, the players first need to search for glow berries that can be found growing in lush caves. Now the player needs to do is, take the berries that have been obtained and place them on the bottom of a hanging block. After a while, there will be vines growing from them and that’s it the player can have their own glow berries.

Furthermore, to speed up the growing process you can add bone meals. Apart from that, you can break the vines at the tip of the growth, which will allow it to regrow and will spawn more glow berries on them. 

You should know, you need a fairly big room that has a long way to the bottom because the vines can grow up to a length of 26 blocks as long as there are 2 blocks of air below it. However, you don’t have to worry about maximizing the length of the vines but it should be long enough in order to grow berries on them.

Now, you did the whole process, to obtain the glow berries from the vine that you have grown all you need to do is, simply use the vines with glow berries, and keep your hands empty while doing it.

So, you know how to grow glow berries in Minecraft, but you should also learn all its benefits as well. 

Glow berries being a food item, still have a few unique benefits, they actually act as a source of light which is effective enough. They add 2 hunger points to your hunger bar and a tiny amount of saturation to keep you from getting hungry again. Additionally, can be utilized to breed and grow foxes. 


Glow berries’ significant purpose in the game is to help players with hunger points and provide a light source. You can grow your own glow berries by following the steps described in the blog. So, all you need to do is use it however you like and make your gaming session more exciting by searching for more new unique items.

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