How to grow Apples in Minecraft?

How to grow Apples in Minecraft? There are many things a player can grow in the world of Minecraft and one such item is an apple. Players usually grow apples to avail their benefits, such as one can use them as food helping to restore hunger points, and also for trading purposes you can get emeralds from villagers in exchange for apples. So how to grow apples in Minecraft, here’s a quick guide. 

How to grow Apples in Minecraft?

How to grow apples in Minecraft

If you think it’s not rocket science to grow an apple in Minecraft then you are wrong here, it might be hard to grow them in the real world but it is very simple to grow in the world of Minecraft. All you need to do is follow the below few easy steps:

Step 1: First thing first you need to search for apple trees which you can easily find in some biomes like the forest, birch forest, and taiga. However, if you cannot find one, don’t worry, you can also create your tree as well all you have to do is plant an oak sapling and use bone meal to speed up its growth.

Step 2: Once you get an apple tree, you have to wait for it to grow, have some patience because after that only it will start producing apples. It will take some time, just trust the process.

Step 3: Now, when the tree has fully grown, you can harvest the apples by right-clicking on the leaves. The apples will drop from the tree and you can collect them.

Step 4: If you want a steady supply of apples, you can plant more apple trees, it depends on how many areas you have, to grow them. 

Point to be noted, apple trees have a chance of dropping apples when you break their leaves, but it is more efficient to wait for the apples to drop naturally, see the bright side as well you don’t have to struggle much picking them. Also, keep in mind apple trees require a light level of at least 8 to grow, so make sure they are planted in a well-lit area.

How do you get Apples from trees in Minecraft?

You need to wait for the apple tree to grow fully because then only you will be able to obtain the apples from the tree. Though, in the game, it’s preferred to let the apples drop from the tree naturally when the leaves decay or when the player breaks the leaves as it is more efficient, you don’t have to do it manually and waste your energy. 

However, if you can’t wait for that to happen you can use shear to break the leaves of apple trees, as they have a higher chance of dropping apples than when using your hand. Simply right-click on the leaves of the apple tree with the shears to obtain the apples.

You can also use a dispenser to harvest apples from apple trees. Just place a dispenser facing the leaves of the tree and activate it using a redstone signal. The dispenser will break the leaves and collect any apples that drop.

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Since you learned how to grow apples in Minecraft, why don’t you give it a try to check if it works or not? Once you get hang of the process you can simply get a good supply of apples and can use them to your advantage. 

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