How to grade Pokemon Cards? 

Grading Pokemon cards is important to figure out their value and condition, especially for collectors and traders. In this blog, we’re gonna show you how to grade Pokémon cards like a pro. We’ll talk about the experts who can do this for you and the important things to think about when you’re evaluating your cards.

How to grade Pokemon cards? 

Given below are the professional grading services that will grade your Pokemon cards for you:

  • PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator): A well-known option for garding Pokemon cards, PSA grades them on a scale from 1 to 10 to decide how good they are. 
  • Beckett Grading Services (BGS): BGS also rates Pokemon cards on a scale from 1 to 10 and gives detailed ratings for specific things like how well the card is centered, and the condition of its corners, edges, and surface.

Now let’s move further and find out how you can grade Pokemon cards yourself. These are the key factors that you need to consider while grading Pokemon cards: 

  • Centering: Check if the card’s borders are evenly spaced and look proportionate.
  • Corners: Make sure the corners aren’t bent or damaged.
  • Edges: See if the edges have any nicks, dents, or wear.
  • Surface: Check if the card’s surface has scratches or other problems.
  • Overall Look: Think about how the card looks overall, including its colors and how good it looks.

Note: Grading Pokemon cards is a big deal for collectors and traders because it helps them figure out how valuable and nice a card is. Knowing how grading works and getting professionals to do it can help you know how good your card collection is and make smart choices when you want to buy, sell, or trade Pokemon cards.


Now that you are familiar with how to grade Pokemon cards, open your box of collection and grade yourself. Sort the valuable ones and make money out of them, just follow the above simple steps and you are good to go!


Can you grade Pokémon cards yourself?

Yes, you can grade Pokemon cards yourself, if you have the knowledge of how to evaluate them or the most feasible option is to send it to the professionals to grade it for you. 

Why is it so expensive to grade Pokémon cards?

Grading Pokemon cards can be expensive when done by professionals, because they use their expertise, to thoroughly examine and authenticate each card. They have the knowledge and experience to identify rare and valuable cards, as well as detect counterfeits. Thus, the cost of maintaining a team of experts adds to the grading fees. 

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