How to get Villagers to move in Minecraft?

How to get villagers to move in Minecraft? Villagers are very helpful in the world of Minecraft, like you can trade with them and obtain certain items, you can even assign them specific tasks like farming, and more. So at times, you might want to move them along with you to a new location. But how to get villagers to move in Minecraft? Here’s a quick guide for you.

How to get Villagers to move in Minecraft?

Villagers to move in Minecraft

Basically, there are 3 ways to move villagers: you can move them in a Minecart, a boat, or by using beds. If you follow these methods you can easily move the villagers wherever you want. They are pretty innocent so they will follow you anywhere as long as you are aware of what you are doing. 

From the above methods, the easiest way to move villagers is by using a boat, usually, players opt for this method because it’s cheap and efficient for short to medium distances.

Given below are the steps to move villagers in Minecraft:

Step 1: First players need to create a boat. According to the version of Minecraft being used, this can be done by going to a crafting table and utilizing one of two recipes. Players in Java Edition need to arrange matched wooden planks on the crafting grid in the shape of a U. Players of the Bedrock Edition need to follow a similar procedure but have to add a wooden shovel to the grid’s center.

Step 2: Once the player gets their boat crafted, they have to place the boat on the found.

Step 3: Now, carefully nudge the villagers until they make contact with the boat, by doing so the villagers will get into the boat. 

Step 4: The player also has to enter the boat and then move towards the desired destination. You need to keep in mind that boats move slower on land and faster in water, so it’s more feasible for players to opt for waterways. 

Step 5: Once the players reach their desired location, all they need to do is move out of the boat and break it. By doing so the players will be able to free the villagers and allow them to move normally.


Now you learned how to get villagers to move in Minecraft, so give it a try during your gaming sessions and move the villagers anywhere you want, and can avail all the benefits from the villagers.  


What is the easiest way to transport villagers?

The easiest way to transport villagers from one place to another is by using a boat. It’s very efficient and cheap, apt for short and medium distances and also you do not require a lot of things to craft a boat. This is the best way a player can use to move a small group of villagers in one go. 

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