How to get Veterans Armor in Elden Ring?

How to get Veterans Armor in Elden Ring? Elden Ring has a few better armor sets than the Veteran’s Set. As such, it is best saved for later in the game. You must kill a mighty but easily telegraphed boss to obtain this set. Read this article for more information about this fantastic suit of Veterans armor.

How to get Veterans Armor in Elden Ring?

Veterans Armor in Elden Ring

Defeating Commander Niall, the boss of Castle Sol in the Mountaintops of the Giants, is required to obtain the Veteran’s Set. Defeating him will be difficult because he is a highly formidable adversary and it is necessary. However, in Roundtable Hold, the Veteran’s set can be purchased from Finger Reader Enia once defeated.

Niall’s armor is quite stylish. Indeed, it is attainable for you as well, tarnished, but only after you’ve worked for it. Fortunately, a tried-and-true method for acquiring extremely potent aid in this struggle exists.

Strategy for Defeating Captain Niall

Visiting the Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes is a good idea before taking on Niall. Get two of his “Bewitching Branches,” as they are called. Both of them together will set you back 3,200 Runes, but they are money well spent.

You should return to Castle Sol and confront Niall. He’ll quickly call forth two formidable Banished Knights. Carry a Bewitching Branch and use it when one comes close. After he attacks his companion, use the other on the other summoned adversary to have them both attack Niall. These two come in helpful due to their high defenses and devastating attacks. You should maximize the damage of your ranged attacks now that Niall concentrates on them.

If you keep this up, you should expect to have reduced Niall’s health to below 40% before he enters his second phase. At that point, he’ll tell his two goons to leave him alone while a lightning bolt shoots up one of his legs. To counter his leaping assault and subsequent thrust attacks, you should maintain your distance and instead focus on landing ranged attacks and dealing glancing blows.

Buy the Whole Kit from the Finger Reader, Enia

After you defeat him, he’ll leave behind 90,000 Runes and the Veteran’s Prosthesis Claw weapon. This is more than enough to earn the Veteran’s Set. Get to Roundtable Hold, where Finger reader Enia can be found, and chat with her. All of the Veteran’s Set items may be purchased from her for a total of 18,000 Runes. There are a total of 45 Weight in the collection, making it rather hefty. On the other hand, the collection features some of the game’s best Physical and Magic Damage Negations. The fur cape adds style as you pass through the Lands Between at high speed.

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What is the easiest armor to get in the Elden Ring?

What is the easiest armor to get in the Elden Ring

After knowing how to get Veterans Armor Elden Ring, let us know what armor is the easiest to get.

The Carian Knight set is the most significant early armor in Elden Ring that players can obtain if they opt for a low-weight but a reliably-defensive construct. In the Academy of Raya Lucaria’s graveyard, it may be found without having to defeat any bosses, making it ideal for newer players who are having trouble getting started.

Who has the Veterans Armor?

Chest Armor in Elden Ring, Veteran’s Armor, is a great choice. This ancient and weathered armor is part of the Veteran’s Set and provides adequate defense. Putting on a Veteran’s Armor gives the wearer a significant boost of security and resistance for their entire body. When worn, its look is altered as well. Some forms of protection may be usable by both male and female characters, albeit they may look slightly different.


So these were our suggestions on how to get Veterans Armor Elden Ring. Hundreds of armor sets, weapons, and skills are accessible to players in the Elden Ring. These are frequently targeted toward distinct playstyles and feature specific attributes that can strengthen a player’s attacking or defensive capabilities. These armor components can be found around the Lands Between as drops from a mob or in chests. In this piece, we discussed Veterans Armor. Welcome, and we appreciate your interest.

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