How to get to West Liurnia in Elden Ring? [2 Simple Ways]

How to get to West Liurnia in Elden Ring? Check out this simple guide. Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action role-playing game, offers players a vast and immersive world to explore. Among its many intriguing locations, West Liurnia stands out as a captivating destination.

In this blog post, we will discuss two different ways to reach West Liurnia, allowing you to choose the path that suits your preferences. 

How to get to West Liurnia in Elden Ring?

West Liurnia in Elden Ring

Below you will learn how to get to West Liurnia in Elden Ring.

Way 1: Utilize the West Liurnia Portal

One of the most convenient ways to reach West Liurnia is by utilizing the West Liurnia portal, a teleportation mechanism that saves you time and effort. Located in the middle of Liurnia of the Lakes, this portal provides instant transport to your desired destination.

To find it, head towards the northern area of the Academy Gate Town or the western area of the Church of Vows. Once you reach the marked location on your map, activate the portal and find yourself instantly transported to West Liurnia.

Way 2: Complete Ranni’s Questline

If you prefer a more immersive and quest-driven approach, completing Ranni’s questline is the key to unlocking the southwest part of Liurnia and accessing West Liurnia. As you explore Liurnia of the Lakes, you will come across a seemingly insurmountable cliff in the southwest region, near the Albinauric Village. This cliff serves as a barrier until you progress through Ranni’s quests.

Embark on Ranni’s quests and follow her storyline diligently. As you accomplish the tasks assigned to you, you will be rewarded with a teleportation to the Moonlight Altar, situated atop the southwest Liurnia mountain.

From this majestic vantage point, you can explore the remaining parts of West Liurnia and engage in the quests that await you.


In Elden Ring, the journey to West Liurnia can be approached in two distinct ways. By utilizing the West Liurnia portal, you can teleport directly to your destination, saving time and effortlessly accessing the wonders that await you.

Alternatively, embarking on Ranni’s questline presents a more involved and immersive experience, unlocking the southwest part of Liurnia and granting access to West Liurnia from the Moonlight Altar.

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