How to get to the lake of Rot Elden Ring?

How to get to the lake of Rot Elden Ring? Hiding beneath the surface of the upper stretch of Ainsel River is the mysterious Lake of Rot. It has crimson waters that cause decay, agile animals that have lost their religion but are still holding on, and a way to wed Ranni the Witch.

How to get to the lake of Rot Elden Ring?

lake of Rot Elden Ring

How to get to the lake of Rot Elden Ring? The upper region of the Ainsel River Region is home to Ainsel River Main. Ainsel River’s lower section does not provide a way up to the upper segment. You can use the Ainsel River Well at Liurnia of the Lakes to descend to the lower level and have a look around. However, there are two paths to reaching the upper levels.

Using a portal in Renna’s Rise

Renna’s Rise can be found west of Caria Manor in the Three Sisters region of Liurnia of the Lakes. It would help if you defeated the ghost of Royal Knight Loretta to unlock the area’s door.

A mystical barrier prevents entry to Renna’s Rise. The Cursemark of Death is guarded at the peak of the Divine Tower of Liurnia, and only its acquisition will allow access. Upon gaining access to Renna’s Rise, head to the topmost room to investigate the Waygate leading to Ainsel River Main.

Within the Depths of a Coffin Covered with Deep Roots

There’s a hidden cavern in Elden Ring called Deeproot Depths. A Coffin within the Siofra Aqueduct in Nokron, the Eternal City, or a false wall beneath the Subterranean Shunning Grounds in Leyndell, the Royal Capital, provides an entrance.

To find a Finger Reader Crone, travel to the location of grace in Deeproot Depths. Take note of the large waterfall directly in front of the Finger Reader Crone. The Coffin can be found next to the waterfall’s brink, not far from a broken-down cemetery.

To quickly locate the Coffin, you should go to the brink of the waterfall and look across to the opposite side. Watch out for the Mounted Mausoleum Knight, who is cruising the neighborhood. Learn how to get to Ainsel River Main by opening the Coffin.

How to get into the lake of Rot in the Elden Ring? 

From the grace location, the players will follow the right wall of the water bank to the edge. Close by, there must be a small, fortified island with a massive monolith. The pressure plate must be stepped on to raise the next pathway, which may be reached by running straight along the mushrooms and jumping from one to the next.

The next step is to sprint along the stone island to the right, dealing with the colossal lizard men that emerge from the water.

How to get to the lake of Rot Elden Ring? After that, you’ll come across a pair of southeast-facing stone islets that lead up to a more oversized island, where you’ll find a colossal pillar of stone that’s been broken in two. To access the next walkway, leave this area and head south to the second miniature rock island with the stone obelisk.

After they are set up, fans should continue down the corridor toward the two enormous stone torches by crossing all the bases of the stone arches. Players must quickly run across to complete the Lake of Rot Elden Ring Guide potion.

Where is the lake of Rot? 

How to get to the lake of Rot Elden Ring? The Lake of Rot Map Piece may be found by taking a lift down through Nokstella, Eternal City, and into the poison lake entrance on your second journey to the Ainsel River. The entrance to the poison lake is located beside a body holding the map piece.

Where is the coffin in the lake of Rot? 

The Grand Cloister is one of the final stops for adventurers after making their way through the bowels of the Ainsel River.

A well on the eastern side of Liurnia called the Ainsel River Well, which players must descend to get to the river. You’ll find this north of the Carian Library and to the east of the Church of Vows. As soon as they reach the well, the doors will open, and they’ll be able to ride a long elevator to the bottom.

From here, adventurers can either continue straight through the remains of Uhl or take a left and reach Nokstella, the Eternal City. To return to the start of the Lake of Rot, turn south down a stream. Most, if not all, adversaries may be avoided while traveling across the Lake. The Grand Cloister, located at the Lake’s southernmost point, is an attraction that draws many visitors.

The Lesser Kindred of Rot worships a deity at a shrine housed in the Grand Cloister, a relatively small building.

What to See and Do in The Grand Cloister?

Many adventurers strive to reach the tiny, roofed shrine. In this section, you can find a few goods that gamers will want to acquire. The first is the sting of the scorpion. This rare dagger is one of the few weapons that can inflict Scarlet Rot on foes. Using Somber Smithing Stones, it can be strengthened to a maximum of +10.

The second is an Ulcerated Tree Spirit Golden Seed, which is only dropped by regular Ulcerated Tree Spirits and not the bosses. You may find this Spirit on the northern side of the Grand Cloister. Following a descent into the area, players can trigger this monster’s spawn by circling back to the north, beneath the Scarlet Rot waterfall.

Finally, we have a Remembrance. Players can gain access to a tomb by doing some digging. FromSoftware digs these coffins. These secrets are deliberately buried to force the player to investigate and try to engage with every part of the game.

In the section accessible via the Coffin, players face up against the boss Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. You must defeat this legendary opponent to reach the Moonlight Altar and finish Ranni’s quest line.

How to survive a lake of Rot? 

How to get to the lake of Rot Elden Ring and survive it? The player is expected to spot a lone Ancestral Follower roaming the coastline. By dispatching it and returning to the Site of Grace via the warp portal, the player can use the Immunizing Horn Charm while crossing the Lake, significantly reducing the risk of the Scarlet Rot building up. In this manner, you can avoid drowning in the Lake of Rot.


How to get to the lake of Rot Elden Ring? If you’ve ever been to the Lake of Rot, you know how dreadful it is and why you’d never want to return. Unless you accidentally forget some items or dig Miyazaki’s poison marshes, the dreaded Lake only needs to be visited once. Regardless, getting there is a pain, but it’s necessary to unlock all of Elden Ring’s endings and some other lovely minor treasures. Hopefully, this story was entertaining to you.

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