How to get to Mohg The Omen in Elden Ring?

How to get to Mohg The Omen in Elden Ring? Here’s a guide on how to get to Mohg The Omen in Elden Ring. Venturing into the treacherous tunnels under Leyndell is no easy task, but fear not! We have compiled a step-by-step walkthrough to help you navigate the darkness and winding paths, leading you straight to your destination.

How to get to Mohg The Omen in Elden Ring?

Mohg The Omen in Elden Ring

How to get to Mohg The Omen in Elden Ring? The path to Mohg, the Omen, in the tunnels under Leyndell is challenging to navigate due to their darkness and winding nature. Here are the steps to reach Mohg:

  1. Enter Leyndell, the Royal Capital, and find the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace. Descend the nearby stairs, turn left, and go around the buildings. Spot a building with a red dusty roof, and jump onto it. Jump down to the well, which serves as the entrance to Leyndell’s underground.
  2. Enter the well and open the first metal-grated door on the left. Descend the cliff or use the ladder, continuing straight at the path split. Go down another set of stairs, pass through a room with rats, and open the opposite door. Drop off the ledge to the left, and proceed with caution as there are tough enemies.
  3. Find a door with a Site of Grace, exit, and turn left down the hallway. Look for an open grate, jump down it. Follow the tunnel, taking right turns and using a torch for visibility. Pass through a metal doorway, and climb a ladder in the next room. Turn right, and pull a lever to open a large metal door as a shortcut. Turn around and find a large wooden door on the right.
  4. Open the door, and drop off the ledge to the left. Descend further through the stairs, turn right, and take the path next to the stairs. Go down a pipe-like tunnel, take the first right, and ascend. Proceed straight, taking a right at a room with a large enemy and a ladder. Climb up the ladder, turn right, cross a wooden bridge, and open the door.
  5. Turn around, head back towards the doorway, and get on top of a large pipe. Follow the pipe to the end, and drop down to a wooden platform. Pass through a stone doorway to another pipe below. Jump into the pipe opening, make a sharp left, and go down a small decline. Take a right at the bottom, continue down the pipe, and fall down the first hole.
  6. Proceed down the pipe, turning right when possible. Reach a wooden platform with a ladder leading down, go down. Run past enemies in a room filled with jars, and turn right to find a cage-like elevator. Ride the elevator down, and grab the Forsaken Depths Site of Grace. Continue on the path to find Mohg, the Omen.


Congratulations! You have successfully made your way through the treacherous tunnels and winding paths to reach Mohg The Omen in Elden Ring. Your determination and perseverance have paid off, and now you stand before this enigmatic figure, ready to face whatever challenges await.

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