How to get to Jarburg Elden Ring?

How to get to Jarburg Elden Ring? Jarburg might be the quietest place in all of Elden Ring. Living Jars and Warrior Jars have retreated here from the outside world, and their only occupation is gardening and protecting the precious contents of their jars. The very name of the town hints at this fact. The village of Jarburg is pivotal to completing multiple Elden Ring quest arcs. Therefore it will inevitably be visited at some point in the game.

How to get to Jarburg Elden Ring?

How to get to Jarburg Elden Ring

The cliffs below the Carian Study Hall are where you’ll find Jerburg, although, despite the similarity in names, you won’t be able to get there by visiting the Site of Lost Grace of the same name. To reach the Carian Study Hall, you should head north from one of the Sites of Lost Grace in the southeast of Liurnia. Just to the south of here, you’ll see a cliff. Careful observers will notice a rocky outcropping near the cliff’s base.

The drop is too significant for average survival; instead, look for jutting stones to climb. To finish this jumping problem, you should spend most of your time atop Torrent; nevertheless, you must remember to fully release the thumbstick after each jump to bring Torrent to a halt. However, in some places, such as spots with steep drops that Torrent may have problems reaching, it may be easier to dismount Torrent temporarily.

Once you’ve reached the cliff’s bottom, you can travel south toward the outskirts of Jarburg and the Site of Lost Grace. Jar-Bairn can be observed sitting carelessly on a neighboring set of stairs and flailing their legs aimlessly in the air. This is all about how to get to Jarburg Elden Ring.

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Where is Jarburg in the Elden Ring?

Located in eastern Liurnia of the Lakes, not far south of the long bridge leading to the east island, is where you’ll find Jarburg. Travel north along the main road that hugs the cliffside from the grace site on Liurnia Highway North. Nearing the bridge, take a sharp right and head down the stone tombstones.


Three of the most exciting rewards are locked behind a side task involving a non-playable figure named Diallos: the Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Diallos’s Mask, and the Companion Jar talisman. However, the village is still an excellent spot to discover rarer items like Trina’s Lily, Eye of Yelough, and Arteria Leaf, as well as a wide selection of golden runes, broken vases, and ritual utensils.

Where is Diallos in Jarburg?

After meeting Diallos in Roundtable Hold, you’ll have a second chance to do so in the Liurnia of the Lakes area. Please take a short trip to the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace, situated southeast of the Raya Lucaria Academy, to meet him. You can find him on top of one of the buildings to the north reasonably quickly. Looking at the screenshot at the top, you can see where he is.

When you’ve used up every possible topic of conversation with him, head back to Roundtable Hold to find him right where he was. The second time you talk to him, he’ll bring up the topic of invitations and give you the manor’s address.

Find Diallos at Volcano Manor 

It would help if you kept traveling through the Lands Between until you reach Mount Gelmir and get access to Volcano Manor. As a non-Recusant, you will not be permitted to visit the room where Diallos is kept. As soon as Tannith hands you the key to the Drawing Chamber, head down the hall and turn left; the room will be the first one on your left. The letters from Volcano Manor are on the table in the same room where Bernahl is waiting, sitting relatively close together. Talk to Diallos, who will be leaning against a wall, and go over his entire script.

You must complete the Volcano Manor quest line to proceed with the task. Diallos will leave when you have completed the job, so it is important to visit him after completing each contract.

Where is Alexander in Jarburg Elden Ring?

Where is Alexander in Jarburg  Elden Ring

After learning how to get to Jarburg Elden Ring let us read more about the game. Alexander’s next possible position is in the center of Liurnia of the Lakes, between the Artist’s Shack and the Caria Study Hall to the south. He returned to Jarburg, his birthplace and a key location in his questline, but found that his rotund form was stuck in the ground.

How to get out of Jarburg?

As soon as you meet Jar-Bairn, he will want to know if you are destined to take his place as Potentate of the hamlet. Even though he will ultimately decide against casting you in this role, he needs a yes answer from you to continue his quest. You’ll have to reload the area after talking to him and then restart the conversation with him if you want to advance his goal.

Pick the Flowers

After you have reloaded the region and spoken to Jar-Bairn again, he will let you know that you are free to pick the rare flowers blooming in Jarburg. You need only gather a small number of them; the others can sit idle while you have a respite at the nearby grace zone.

Please return to the Site of Grace a third time to unlock new dialogue and the next stage of the Jar questline after you’ve talked to him to exhaustion about his uncle Alexander, who is supposed to be Alexander the Iron Fist. Bairn’s

Learn About the Poachers

Jar-conversation Talk to Bairn again after unlocking the region to obtain access to his thoughts about poachers. You will learn that the new Jarburg Potentate has arrived during this discussion. In one of the huts on the eastern side of the settlement, you might find the new Potentate of the hamlet, Diallos.

A conversation with Diallos here will reveal that he is relieved to have left his old life behind and is enjoying his new role as Potentate of Jarburg. A brief break from Jarburg is required to get to the next and last phase of Jar-quest once you have listened to all of Diallos’ speeches. 

Summing up the Jar-Bairn Questline

The second half of Jar-story Bairn’s is linked to Alexander the Iron Fist’s story. If you’ve been following his questline, Alexander will show up at Crumbling Farum Azula and challenge you to a fight. Success is assured for those who have been paying attention.

If you want to complete the assignment set to you by Jar-Bairn, you’ll need to fight Alexander and steal his innards. Bringing these artifacts back to Jarburg to give to Jar-Bairn is the first step in retrieving the Companion Jar Talisman from where he was sitting. He will have accomplished his goal and finished his journey now.


How to get to Jarburg Elden Ring? Going to one of the Sites of Lost Grace in southeast Liurnia is the only route to Jarburg, and then going straight from the north end of town to the Carian Study Hall. The only way to get there is through doing this. Jarburg is a small, hidden spot on the cliffs below the Carian Study Hall. Looking around, you’ll see a cliff to the south, with a little protrusion at its base, where players can engage in cliff diving action. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this piece.