How to get to Hermit Village Elden Ring?

How to get to hermit village Elden Ring? Hermit Village in Elden Ring is accessible through the Grand Lift of Dectus, and we would be pleased to show you how to get there if you are having problems doing so. Despite appearances, exploring Elden Ring is not a simple task. Sometimes you know where you should go, but you can’t figure out how to get there! Elden Ring’s various secret areas present a pleasant challenge that rewards observant playthroughs with the rewards of discovery. Hermit Settlement in Elden Ring is situated in what looks like a significant location, but getting there won’t be a breeze!

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How to get to the hermit village Elden Ring?

To reach Hermit Village atop Mt. Gelmir, which is located to the southwest of Volcano Manor, one must walk a great distance. How to get to hermit village Elden Ring? It’s possible to reach the Hermit’s Village by one of two paths. Finding the two medallion pieces necessary for the Grand Lift of Dectus and then taking a safe route to the hamlet is the most direct route there. Take the alternative route to Hermit Village if you haven’t used the Grand Lift of Dectus yet, but be prepared to face a monster along the way.

It is highly recommended that you take the path to the Altus Plateau after you have retrieved the Medallion halves from Fort Farogh and Fort Haight. It’s a lot less work and doesn’t take nearly as long. A plus in your quest to find the medallion halves is that you won’t have to deal with any bosses.

When you get off the elevator at Altus Plateau, head north to see the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace. Thereafter, follow the red arrows until you reach the blue circle marking the entrance to Hermit Village. Remember that there are two bosses you can ignore on the way to the village if you so desire to continue on your journey.

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How to get to hermit village Elden Ring MT Gelmir?

How to get to hermit village Elden Ring mt gelmir

For those who are unaware, the Hermit Village is home to the Comet Azur Sorcery spell, widely considered to be among the game’s greatest. So, take a break from the action and come on over; if you sprint past all the other people at the game, you won’t have any trouble finding it. It’s not hard to figure out how to get to the hermit village Elden Ring.

If you are approaching the Volcano section of the Elden Ring and see a large ravine, keep going until you reach a fork in the road. Also, this area should be close to an enemy camp; if you find it, just run to the left and keep going until you come across some mages; you’ve made it to the Hermit Village!

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What Is There To Do In Hermit Village?

There are a lot of considerations that must be taken before deciding to avoid climbing Mount Gelmir and instead head straight for Hermit Village. If you’re a player who prefers the more magical side of combat, you should detour Hermit Village, where you’ll find a plethora of high-quality sorcery equipment. Master Sorcerer Azur, who can be found just outside Hermit Village, is essential to finishing Sellen’s tale and grants the player access to the powerful Comet Azur spell.

Although it takes a large number of FP to cast, this spell may be kept up indefinitely within a beam and does a great deal of damage. The Errant Sorcerer set, which includes the Hierodas Glintstone Crown, is also stashed away in one of the outbuildings. When players defeat Demihuman Queen Maggie, the monster from the neighboring world, they receive a Memory Stone as a reward.

Another popular Prattling Pate that was previously only accessible to those with the Sorcery perk is now open to everyone. There are consumables, Runes, and crafting materials scattered around Hermit Village, but none stand out, especially compared to the critical goods and armor found here.

How to find the hermit village Elden Ring?

How to find hermit village Elden Ring

How to get to hermit village Elden Ring? Grace’s Seethewater Terminus location leads to the Hermit Village. This is one of the quickest methods to travel to the village, so let’s go through the details. Go to Grace’s Seethewater Terminus site. If you have the site unlocked, you can quickly travel there. Take a left and continue traveling south from here. There will be multiple guards and barricades, which you can fight or run through. This should lead you to the lava lake.

Once here, follow the lava lake’s natural flow. If you’ve followed the steps correctly thus far, you should be traveling east. Continue eastward. You will eventually come upon another set of barricades. Take a slight right here and head north. As you proceed, you will come to the Hermit Village. You should get Comet Azur while you’re in the village, one of the game’s most potent sorcerers.


The Hermit Village has been taken over by a bunch of Demi-Humans and their queen; these won’t cause many difficulties as you pillage the decaying streets. The first treasure trove, the Hierodas Crown, can be located behind a home on the southeastern part of the settlement. The crown can be looted from a corpse nearby. A piece of the Errant Sorcerer Set may be discovered in the door of the surrounding house, and the entire set can be found in the nearby shack. We hope you learned something new and had fun while reading this.

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