How to get to Fort Laiedd Elden Ring?

How to get to Fort Laiedd Elden Ring? Congratulations if you have made it to Mount Gelmir and Volcano Manor through the campsites dotted among the summits! On the other hand, you’ve probably seen another castle that sits at the base of the cliffs. Trust me, I’ve tried falling and dying everywhere in the Legacy Dungeon, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get here. Therefore, we’ll have to take a different approach. The western half of Mount Gelmir and Fort Laiedd are within your reach now, thanks to our Elden Ring guide.

How to get to Fort Laiedd Elden Ring?

How to get to Fort Laiedd Elden Ring (2)

How to get to Fort Laiedd Elden Ring? Fort Laiedd is located in the depths of Mt. Gelmir, to the west of Altus Plateau, and is defended by flamethrowing extremists. While Fort Laiedd isn’t extremely involved, it does house one of the game’s most difficult foes. Forts are a common sight throughout Elden Ring.

What are the Instructions for Getting to Fort Laiedd?

  • To even begin your journey to Mt. Gelmir, you must first arrive at the Altus Plateau.
  • Looking north from the Grace site on Erdtree-Gazing Hill.
  • You can’t miss the narrow route leading up the hill, topped by a statue of a man holding a candle.
  • A trail leads into the Wyndham Ruins, so follow it.
  • One of the villainous Tibia Mariners awaits you here, and he will call forth a horde of the undead, including colossal zombies.
  • Follow the way north along the western side of the Wyndham Remains as you ride your horse eastward around the ruins. The graceful location on the Seethewater River was where you fired your shot.
  • It’s easy to get where you’re going from the Grace Site on the Seethewater River. Don’t get sucked in by the undead and follow the river north.
  • The route will fork at Seethewater Cave; choose the left fork to keep heading west.
  • On this section of the journey, keep an eye out for steam jets shooting up from the river.
  • Keep on until you can see Fort Laiedd off in the distance.
  • As you leave the river, make a beeline for the Seethewater Terminus place of grace on your left.

What is The Fort Exterior?

A number of foes await you beyond the walls of the fort; most of them are Thorn-Fire Sorcerers and Fire Chariots, with a smattering of Fire Monks. The few remaining Leyndell soldiers will also show up, but they will be quietly eliminated by the Thorn-Fire Sorcerers and Fire Monks.

There isn’t a lot of good loot to be acquired outside the fort, with one notable exception. On the horizon, to the right of the fort, is a gnarled tree covered in Spirit Jellyfish. A Stonesword Key is hidden here, behind this tree.

If not, then you should go to the fort’s main gate. You may easily avoid most of the other adversaries by riding past them or sneaking past them, but you must deal with the lone Fire Monk, who is camped out by the fire pit near the entrance. Once you’ve dealt with him, you can enter Fort Laiedd via the walkway and prepare for the difficult encounter that lies ahead.

What is The Walkthrough for Fort Laiedd?

Fort Laiedd Walkthrough

On the westernmost tip of Mt. Gelmir, near the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace, you’ll find Fort Laiedd. The Fort is surrounded by fire monks and mobile flame throwers. How to get to Fort Laiedd Elden Ring? If you ride quickly towards the fort’s entrance, you can avoid most enemies outside, but there is a Fire Monk at the steps that you should kill before it follows you inside.

Any Prelate foe can hurl the Prelate’s Inferno Crozier Warhammer inside the citadel’s defences (whether or not this is a guaranteed drop needs to be confirmed). Take care of him, then head south to the door. A body may be rummaged through for the Armorer’s Cookbook, which can be found among the many crates and barrels.

Climb the ladder to the top floor, where you’ll find a Golden Rune and three Slumbering Eggs amid the bodies. In addition, there will be some talking. A ghost on a wooden outcropping beyond the northwest perimeter is the culprit. You can scale the fence and access the platform from here.

What are the Locations of Fort Laiedd?

  • Geysers and vents that explode steam while riding Torrent should be avoided.
  • Dam – Use Ash of War to destroy the dung beetle in the ravine close to where the river begins.
  • Keep walking down the ravine, and you’ll eventually reach the Seethewater River and the Site of Grace.
  • There are imp statues along the corridor ahead as you proceed deeper into Seethewater Cave, a dungeon.
  • Seethewater Terminus and Fort Laiedd, the Sacred Grounds, are where you’ll find another bonfire and a dungeon.

There is a large arena inside the Fort, and inside is only one enemy there: a Fire Prelate. If you haven’t met this foe before, consider yourself warned: he is one of the game’s toughest foes and deserves all the respect you can give him, or else you’ll meet an untimely end. Learn more about how to get to Fort Laiedd Elden Ring in the following text.

If the Fire Prelate detects your presence inside the fort, he will spontaneously combust. For a short period of time during the battle, the bowl atop his helm will begin spitting fire in all directions. The fire isn’t aimed at close range but rather at intermediate distances. You’ll be kept in close quarters where the Fire Prelate can do the greatest harm by doing this.

What are The Items That You Should Get From Fort Laiedd?

Items that you should get from Fort Laiedd

As soon as you reach Fort Laiedd, it would help if you started searching every nook and cranny for valuable artefacts. You may get the Fire Scorpion Charm and the Prelate’s Inferno Crozier here. Quick tips on how to acquire these things are provided below.

The Hellish Crozier of the Prelate

Defeat the enemies guarding the fort at the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace to obtain this weapon. This antagonist will be seen wielding the Inferno Crozier of the Prelate. If you manage to defeat this foe, they’ll give you this massive red hammer as a prize.

Once you’ve vanquished this foe, proceed to the southern entrance. Find the dead body and search among the boxes and barrels to find the Armorer’s Cookbook. The next step is to use the stairs to access the roof, where you can scavenge three Slumbering Eggs and a Golden Rune from the scattered bodies.

Fire Scorpion Charm

The Fire Scorpion Charm is another useful item that may be obtained from Fort Laiedd. If you want this, you’ll need to make your way to the western rampart of Fort Laiedd. If you’re having trouble reaching this spot, hop over the wall and land on the wooden platform beyond.

Stonesword Key

The tree in the middle of a swarm of jellyfish can be found heading northeast of Fort Laiedd. The cliff’s edge is where you’ll find this tree. The body you find here has the Stonesword Key, which can be found by looking behind the tree.


How to get to Fort Laiedd Elden Ring? Developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, “How to Get to Fort Laiedd Elden Ring” is a new action role-playing game. Fort Laiedd is a physical structure in Elden Ring. Fort Laiedd is located on the western slope of Mt. Gelmir. How to go to Fort Laiedd Elden Ring is covered on this page. Please read on to find out directions to Fort Laiedd Elden Ring. We hope this guide was useful in getting you to Fort Laiedd and retrieving your things.

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