How to get to Forbidden Lands in the Elden Ring?

How to get to Forbidden Lands in the Elden Ring? As you get closer to the end of Elden Ring’s story, you’ll realize that a significant portion of your map is still missing. Leyndell, the Royal Capital, and a Map Stele are both visible on the map, but there is no obvious route to reach them.

Find a rundown of when and how you can enter this hidden area below.

How to get to Forbidden Lands in the Elden Ring?

How to get to Forbidden Lands in the Elden Ring

How to get to Forbidden Lands in the Elden Ring? The Forbidden Lands follow the Capital Fringes of Leyndell and serve only to direct adventurers to the Grand Lift of Rold, from where they can ascend to the Mountaintop of Giants. The best place for players to begin their journey to the city’s surface is at the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace in Leyndell.

They should head east from the castle’s open gate until they reach an open space with a road leading upstairs, then follow that path while battling off demi-humans and opponents until they get a room with a working lift.

The Capital Outskirts are located at the top of a long, winding bridge that can be reached by pulling a lever on the lift’s exterior. A few guards stand at the door, and a knight watches over the bridge. Take care of these enemies, and continue along the long route.

At the end of such a journey, you’ll find an elevator descending below and a second, even longer bridge that leads to a tower. If the player fought Morgott during their time in Leyndell and is interested in reactivating the Great Rune of Morgott, they can do it in the mysterious Divine Tower of East Altus.

To go to the Forbidden Lands, the player must first take the elevator down, and after a brief wait, they will arrive at a Grace location. The region isn’t vast—after all, it’s just a passageway to the next huge one—but it does have a few exciting features.

The boss at the end of the area will prevent the player from going any further, and the Night’s Cavalry boss patrols the paths of the Forbidden Lands at night and may be located close to the beginning of the journey. If you keep these in mind as you go through the fog, you should soon find yourself standing before the Grand Lift of Rold.

Where are the Forbidden Lands Elden Ring?

Where are the Forbidden Lands Elden Ring

The Elden Ring contains a region known as “The Forbidden Lands.” How to get to Forbidden Lands in the Elden Ring?

Once Morgott, the Omen King, has been defeated, the path leading east from the Royal Capital of Leyndell is the only way to reach the Mountaintops of the Giants. You’ll come across the road leading to the Divine Tower of East Altus on your way to the Forbidden Lands.

The Vulgar Militiamen and their traps are abundant in the Forbidden Lands. At its conclusion, players can engage in a bonus boss fight against a second Black Blade Kindred.

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How to get through Forbidden Lands?

How to get through Forbidden Lands

How to get to Forbidden Lands in the Elden Ring and navigate through them? Except for the awards from two optional field bosses, the Forbidden Lands is a small area with few truly unique foes or goodies. To get from Leyndell, the Royal Capital, to the Mountaintops of the Giants, you’ll have to travel through the Forbidden Lands, so while the bosses here are optional, getting there isn’t.

When you take the elevator to the bottom floor at the very end of the royal capital, you’ll be able to descend the stairs to your left, where you’ll find the illustrious Forbidden Lands. Wait until nightfall at the throne of grace to engage the Night’s Cavalry just up the road. Then, continue walking eastward into the mist from the site of grace.

It’s easy to lose your bearings with all the fog. Even if you only have a piece of the map for this location, you can still make out the semblance of a route on it if you ever find yourself lost. The road travels southwest to northeast; therefore, if you are unsure which way is ahead, follow this direction (heading northeast) on the map.

The route, such as it is, will take a sharp turn to the northeast. Keep an eye out for fresh blood on the ground; this is a sure sign that some obnoxious militia is hiding nearby and planning an ambush. They may be weak, but their new ranged strike can be dangerous even while mounted once you’ve dispatched this initial band of foes, head east (you may need to ride a little further down the route) to find a massive shattered section of the arch, which has a few militiamen on it and a Golden Rune at its northern point.

It’s time to go back on the trail and keep going northeast. A huge tree is likely to block your route ahead here. Some Nascent Butterflies may be found on the rocks to the left, but beware of the poison traps set to protect them! If you keep heading northeast through the trees, you’ll eventually run upon a Night’s Cavalry. This all-black devotee hurls the Ash of War: Phantom Slash. Although the woods and friendly nature of the terrain sometimes make it difficult to line up solid approaches, the plan outlined below will work just fine.

Almost quickly, you’ll come across an illusory tree (it’s the only thing that isn’t white or black), in which you can locate a Golden Seed; to the west of this tree, you’ll find more Nascent Butterflies flapping above another shattered arch. You can identify a few more flask beetles if you continue climbing the slope to the northeast. It’s possible to spot a militaman out to the left, but he’ll be too far away to aggro unless you stray from the trail. The path bends to the north, where you’ll notice statues on either side of a staircase; just as you reach the bottom of the steps, a Black Blade Kindred will appear and bar your way. You can (and should) ignore him for the time being because he doesn’t get in the form of your progress.


How to get to Forbidden Lands in the Elden Ring? The infamous Forbidden Lands is the next stop after discovering the Leyndell Royal Capital. The climactic scene occurs when the hero reaches the Holy Lands of the Forbidden. The Elden Throne, a place of grace, serves as the jumping-off point. To proceed, the hero must obtain the Rold Medallion from Melina. This post’s purpose was to provide helpful information and enjoyable reading.

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