How to get Stars of Ruin Elden Ring?

How to get Stars of Ruin Elden Ring? As part of Sorceress Sellen’s Questline, you can acquire Stars of Ruin by speaking with Primeval Sorcerer Lusat. He is imprisoned in the cryptic Sellia Hideaway, located on the northern boundary of Caelid and Dragonbarrow. He can only be accessed with a Sellian Sealbreaker, which Sellen herself provides. 

Where to get Stars of Ruin Elden Ring? 

Where to get Stars of Ruin Elden Ring

How to get Stars of Ruin Elden Ring? You may locate Stars of Ruin within Sellia Hideaway in Caelid. This cave is so hidden that it can be accessed anytime, yet the spell can only be obtained using an item obtained via a side mission. To get the Sellian Spellbreaker and Master Lusat’s desire to find him, you must complete the quest outlined in our Sorceress Sellen Quest Guide.

When you have the Sellian Spellbreaker in your possession, travel to the northeastern region of Caelid indicated on the map below. A sorcerer can be seen here, guarding a large tombstone. A false barrier protects Sellia Hideaway from view, but it can be breached by looking behind the gravestone. You’ll need to smash through a mirage to get to Sellia Hideaway.

Stick to the straight path through the cave and eliminate the miners you encounter. If you come to a point where you can either fall into a pit or cross a crystal, cross the crystal. Jump across a few more spaces until you reach a crystal pointing down the path you just came up. If a crystal snail is perched on it, you’ve found the right one.

If you follow the crystals, you’ll find another chasm. This place has a barrier off to one side that can be breached with the Sellian Spellbreaker. You’ll discover Master Lusat within; help him out to advance Sorceress Sellen’s quest and gain several Stars of Ruin for yourself.

Where to find the Star of the Ruin in the Elden Ring?

Where to find the Star of the Ruin in the Elden Ring

How to get Stars of Ruin Elden Ring? Caelid’s Sellia Hideaway, containing the Stars of Ruin, is a well-hidden cave that players can explore as soon as the game begins and land in Limgrave.

Despite the cave’s accessibility, the Tarnished won’t be able to acquire the spell until they acquire a specific item. Sorceress Sellen’s questline includes this item. Elden Ring players must devote a significant amount of time and money to making progress on it before the item can be obtained.

Therefore, to obtain the Stars of Ruin, players must first:

  • To get the Sellian Spellbreaker, one must begin the Sorceress Sellen questline and progress to the end. The Stars of Ruin cannot be obtained without this vital component. Sellen will, after that, have the Tarnished look for Master Lusat after he has obtained the Spellbreaker.
  • The players must now go to the northeastern part of Caelid, where they must arrive at Fort Faroth. The sorcerer is south of that, in front of the tall gravestone. The Tarnished, when approaching the tombstone’s back, will find an optical illusion blocking their path to the Sellia Hideaway, but this obstruction is easily eliminated.
  • Upon entering the cave, players have the option to descend into a pit or cross a crystal. In this case, they’ll have to go with the second option.
  • There are some gaps to leap over, but then you’ll find a crystal that leads down the opposite direction. A crystal snail will be clinging to it. Thus players should exercise caution around it.
  • To the second pit, we followed the crystals. In one corner, the Elden Ring that has been tarnished will find a barrier that can only be broken with the Sellian Spellbreaker. They will meet Master Lusat there, and after a short conversation with him, they will be able to acquire the Stars of Ruin.
  • The Stars of Ruin is a powerful but expensive spell, requiring 43 Intelligence to cast and 38 Focused Power to maintain. However, the damage and utility it delivers more than make up for the investment.

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How to get Stars of Ruin Elden Ring?

How to get Stars of Ruin Elden Ring

How to get Stars of Ruin Elden Ring? The Stars of Ruin Incantation spell is obtainable through completing the “Sorceress Sellen” Questline. You’ll need to complete around two-thirds of the Questline before you can get the Incantation, but here they are:

  • The first step is to visit the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave and track down Sorceress Sellen.
  • You can avoid the optional task of destroying the toxic blossoms by utilizing Fire weaponry or Fire Grease.
  • Look for a confined space among the Ruins, then double-jump over the walls with Torrent to access the underground entryway.
  • It would help if you defeated a Mad Pumpkin Head boss to gain entry to her underground room and the Grace Site of the Waypoint Ruins.
  • Then, enter the room’s back door and seek out Sorceress Sellen. Learn from her and use up all her dialogue possibilities by becoming her student.
  • Now that you have Books, she can now sell you Sorcery spells.
  • Keep going with the main quests until you reach Mt. Gelmir in the Altus Plateau.
  • Primordial Sorcerer Azur can be found in the Hermit’s Village, which can be found either southeast of the volcano or near the Abductor Virgin Site of Grace. 
  • You can quickly display Sellen the Comet Azure magic if you make your way to the Waypoint Ruins Cellar Site of Grace and speak with her there. After completing all of the conversations, you should agree to help her locate Master Lusat. She will also provide you with the necessary Sellian Sealbreaker equipment for this quest.
  • Get to The Sellia Hideaway, northeast of Sellia Town in Caelid. To be more specific, that is where Master Lusat can be found.
  • However, you can’t get inside the northern area of Sellia Town, known as The Sellia Hideaway, without first lighting three Braziers/torches across the rooftops of the entire town.
  • Leave town via the Church of the Plague’s north entrance when you’re done.
  • The Church serves as a Site of Grace and an excellent place to get an Imbued Sword Key for usage at the Four Belfries.
  • A hostile Sorcerer can be found in a graveyard northwest of the Church of the Plague. Take his life and look behind the enormous tombstone to reveal an optical illusion.
  • At this time, you are within The Sellia Hideaway. After defeating a trio of Crystallians bosses, you must continue through the dungeon’s illusion barriers to reach a cavern region containing giant crystals.
  • If you cross a horizontal crystal bridge and turn right, you’ll find a Crystal Miner obstructing your way; you’ll have to kill him.
  • If you turn right just before you reach the crystal bridge, you can leap over the crystal walls and avoid him.
  • And now, “Treasure ahead,” as the old Dark Souls slogan goes. Don’t rush it, but carefully descend the opening before you. Use the crystals you find as stepping stones on your descent.
  • At the end of the underground corridor, you’ll find a door with a glowing seal. However, it is guarded by a Sorcerer. Be violent at him.
  • Use the Sellian Sealbreaker to unlock the hidden door and meet Master Lusat. Please have a chat with him to obtain the Stars of Ruin Incantation.


How to get Stars of Ruin Elden Ring? Unique or legendary artifacts are occasionally required for your in-game character to unlock a new set of benefits. In such cases, acquiring these legendary artifacts in-game will necessitate a string of quests and other conditions for the player to meet. This item is the Stars of Ruin Elden Ring, which also receives much attention. To acquire all the legendary sorceries, you must first acquire Stars of Ruin.

But getting your hands on those Stars of Ruin won’t be simple. There is a checklist of sorts that must be checked off before venturing into the Lands Between. You know you’ve come to the correct place when you find yourself wondering the same thing. In this manual, you’ll find a thorough breakdown of the primary necessities for performing the magic, including a full explanation of where to find the Stars of Ruin Elden Ring. With that said, we appreciate your interest and time.