How to get Rotten Breath in Elden Ring?

How to get Rotten Breath in Elden Ring? The Ritual of Dragon Communion grants access to all of Elden Ring’s Dragon Incantations, including Rotten Breath, and can be performed in two different areas of the ring.

Until General Radahn was nerfed, this Incantation was one of the few ways to defeat the mega boss in a one-on-one encounter, leading many players to believe it was the most broken early game Incantation. In this article, we have discussed in detail how to get the Rotten Breath in the Elden Ring. Stay tuned to learn more.

How do you get the Rotten Breath in Elden Ring?

How do you get the Rotten Breath early in the Elden Ring

The Cathedral of Dragon Communion in the Caelid region is where you can truly get the Rotten Breath incantation. While the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Limgrave also sells dragon-related spells, these are significantly different.

You must pay with Dragon Hearts to purchase any magic from the cathedral, including the Rotten Breath. Gain this item by defeating bosses with health bars, such as the Flying Dragon Agheel or the Magma Wyrm. You can purchase Rotten Breath from the cathedral once you have one in your stock. 

You may see the remnants of a cathedral southeast of the Site of Grace on the Caelid Highway South. Therefore you should set out from there. If a massive dragon named Decaying Ekzykes appears, it may try to utilize the same Rotten Breath on you.

You can either use Torrent to quickly move around him, or you can rush for the rocky slope directly across from him, where you’ll find the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. You can avoid the Banished Knight guarding the cathedral’s front by going around the side, or you can ambush him by charging in from behind.

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How much faith do you need for a Rotten Breath in the Elden Ring?

Southwest of Caelid, in a church, called the Cathedral of Dragon Communion, you’ll find Rotten Breath. Several breath spells are stored in this temple, and a few fast attacks are powerful enough to give a dragon-only structure some heft.

With the expenditure of a single Dragon Heart, you gain instant access to the Rotten Breath magic, which may be cast with 15 Faith and 12 Arcane. It’s valid if corny, alternative for taking down several bosses, as several of them are vulnerable to it.

Unfortunately, the Cathedral of Dragon Communion is not the same as the Church of Dragon Communion. The latter has weaker incantations and is, therefore, of poorer quality. Choices at the Cathedral are vastly superior. Just bike south from where the road to Southern Caelid leads. Although Caelid is a dangerous region, it is possible to reach it without engaging in fierce combat.

How does Rotten Breath work in the Elden Ring?

How does Rotten Breath work in the Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid is where you’ll hear the offensive Dragon Incantation known as “The Rotten Breath.” Dragon Communion incantation. It changes the user into a dragon that can breathe red rot. With a charge, your device will keep going for much longer.

How to make Rotten Breath stronger in the Elden Ring?

Dragon Incantation Rotten Breath inflicts devastating damage in the Elder Ring. The Dragon Communion Ritual is where you can get your hands on one. This Ritual is located in two different areas. It’s one of the game’s weaker early-on Incantations, but it’s your best bet against bosses and General Radahn. One Dragon Heart, obtained by killing dragons, is required to level up Rotten Breath.

Additionally, the Flask of Wondrous Physick can be improved to increase the potency of your putrid breath. This item plays a crucial role in the gameplay. It greatly facilitates obtaining the Elden Ring, which might significantly affect your gameplay. Your Flask of Wondrous Physick can be enhanced in several ways. 

The Elden Ring’s Scarlet Rot and Bleed are two extremely potent status ailments that may quickly and easily eliminate most bosses. However, the combined effects of bleed and scarlet rot are greater than each alone. We recommend either Reduvia or Moonveil for this construct. Morgott’s health can be quickly drained by the combination of Reduvia and Moonveil’s bleeding abilities and the Rotten Breath incantation’s Scarlet rot.


If enemies surround the player, Rotten Breath can be a lifesaver due to its effectiveness against bosses. This weapon is quite effective against Radahn. Use it to your advantage and run away from him until he gives up the chase. You can acquire the Rotten Breath incantation in Elden Ring, but instead of Runes, you’ll need a Dragon Heart.

Therefore, slaying a dragon is necessary. If you want to buy some Rotten Breath, you’ll have to head to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. Southwest of Caelid, you’ll find this church. The church is stocked with more than just the Rotten Breath; it also has access to several powerful Incantations. Thanks for stopping by.