How to get rid of Bats in Minecraft? 

How to get rid of bats in Minecraft? Bats can be a pesky presence in Minecraft, flying around and making it difficult for players to navigate through caves and other areas. However, they don’t pose harm to players, but their presence can be distracting and annoying. So how to get rid of bats in Minecraft? Here’s a quick read-through.

How to get rid of Bats in Minecraft? 

Bats in Minecraft

There are 5 ways to get rid of bats in Minecraft, so players can opt for those methods which they find easy:

Method 1: You can use a bright light to get rid of bats in Minecraft. Generally, bats spawn where there is no light at all or at a minimum amount of light, like caves, they avoid any form of lighting, including both bright and dull light. Lighting which exceeds level 7 scares them. 

You can use a torch or any source of light to successfully scare away the bats.  

Method 2: You can use behavioral interference way, bats prefer flying towards the east, so if you interrupt them at this time it will cause them discomfort and you would easily be able to get rid of them from the area.

Also, if you interrupt their ability to hang upside down, you will be able to get rid of them. All you need to do is prevent them from flying to the ceilings which can be done by placing solid blocks or place other things. 

Furthermore, they spawn in bunches so if you make sure they don’t form groups this will drive them away, as they will be unable to spawn without forming groups. 

Method 3: You can push them off the blocks, bats hang on the ceiling so you can either break the blocks on the top or hit it. This will disturb them and they will fly away, when you perform this action they will realize it’s not a safe place to spawn and will avoid coming close to your Minecraft. 

Method 4: If you don’t want to perform the above methods you can straight away kill them, bats die quickly if you use conventional weapons and other tools. However, it will drain your energy as they will be large in number and smaller in size, though they are not harmless so you need not worry about the damage. 

Method 5: Lastly, you can use commands to get rid of the bats in the game. You need to type the “/kill@e[type=Bat]” command, and press enter that’s all. This is the quickest way to get rid of the bats and you can apply the same command for other mobs as well.   


Now you know how to get rid of bats in Minecraft, so give it a try during your gaming session and find out for yourself which is the most suitable method to drive them away. 


What is the command to kill Minecraft bats?

The command to kill Minecrfat bats is “/kill@e[type=Bat]”. This is the simplest way to drive away the bats.

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